Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Just asking what everyone is doing.
I'll start Friday morning flying out and heading towards Florida, Englewood (Port Charlotte) live right off the mouth of the Myakka River and the Gulf.
I'll wake up Saturday morning 4:30am and head out into that Gulf searching for my meal that evening. Sea Bass and Grouper would be good. That night will be getting with family and friends at the family house for some good conversation and music. Our family was blessed with some very good musicians and singers.
Sunday the family will have a barbecue, hang out play horseshoes, bocce ball and lots of volley ball.
Monday we all head to the beach and make it a day lounging around again, jet skiing a bit.
I head back tuesday.
I don't know about you guys but I am so looking forward to this. Need the relaxation.


  1. Well, I was thinking of cranking up the Gulfstream G-7 and hopping around the country picking up the guys for a salmon fishing trip to my private lodge in Alaska. Then I remembered I gave the pilots the weekend off. Fuck!

    So, I guess it's a can of sardines and maybe catch a few meetings instead.

  2. My friend Ron is in town, so tonight we are going out to Indian food.

    Tomorrow is a normal Saturday-sponsee in the morning, grocery shopping and housecleaning in the afternoon, and tomorrow night order out for Thai food and watch "The Big Lebowski."

    Sunday going to The Folklife Festival in Seattle and Monday my girlfriend & I are going hiking. Monday night is the home group meeting.

    The next holiday is the 4th of July and I'm planning making that about a six day weekend.