Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney... RIP.

I'm not going to eulogize her recent life.

I would like to call your attention to her rendition of the National Anthem back in 1991.

But her choice to be in a relationship with Bobby Brown and a call to kiss her black ass... is the other parts of her talented life.

I had heard she had tried rehab.

Is there such a thing as A.A. oriented rehab? Did rehab fail her? Why or why not?


  1. Did rehab fail her? Your question is like asking "Did AA fail my ex-sponsee who committed suicide 2 weeks ago."

    Rather we should ask did either of them work some program of sobriety, or did they just talk the talk and live in the problem. Programs don't fail. People do.

  2. Did she also feel she still had more time, it wasn't that bad yet. Things weren't really that bad. I wasn't freebasing and snorting coke anymore and Bobby was gone.
    So many musicians before her have died from the very same toxic duo, pills and booze.
    I believe she felt she had everything under control. Lots of money and caretakers will help you believe that.
    Man, she was a beautiful woman who possessed the most amazing voice.
    May her journey to the next life be one of bliss.

    1. "I believe she felt she had everything under control. Lots of money and caretakers will help you believe that."

      That's always my first though with talented, well off people. And I think it's true. Not many would argue.

      But the thing that burns me, as a recovering alky who is just an average old guy......the 'it was the pressures of her job' line.

      Please. I know hundreds of people just as bad if not worse than she was. Not one of them had the talent or ability to control their lives like she did (including myself).

      It's the same monster for her as it is for me. If she never made it big she'd still have to live inside her own skin with whatever demons she was living with.

      It's amazing how the 'earth people' will take something that was a reason to live and suggest that it was the reason she needed to numb herself.

      All I can say is.....'not'.

  3. True that.

    I'm trying to figure out what Tony Bennett was saying... something about how drugs should just be legal then folks can just spark up a dube whenever they feel like and not have to bust out the checkbook and head down to the Walgreens where they can get their oxy, Xanex, Vicodin, etc.? Because God forbid we should let the poor pharmaceuticals go out of business?

    Is this what Tony is trying to say? Or does he just have too much Mustacholi in his noodle?

    1. If they legalize pot, can we all start smoking it at meetings ?

      I don't think we'd get as much step work done, but attendance would probably rise.

      Hell. We'd probably even convert MA and his anti-AA minions if we did that.......

  4. Of course we can poke smot and do meetings... but your ponsor will have a conniption and kick his dog when he gets home.

    Not wanting to embibe is nice once in a while.

  5. I think it is just really fucking sad. At this stage in the game does it do any good to speculate on whether or not the poor woman really ever tried?

    Tony said it best, same monster for all of us, whether we are rich and famous or not. Only difference between her and us is she got to crash and burn in a fishbowl.

  6. I agree that it is sad. But I maintain that the only way that it could be any sadder is if it was me down there instead of her. Had she got sober for 8+ years, made all of her amends, reinvented her career path and provide for her family again like me... that would have been in a fishbowl too.

    I chose to install this situation as a current topic here because I wanted to provide myself and us with a place to talk about the truth of her situation minus the bullshit and to be free of censorship in doing so. But I'm sure you are already aware of that.

  7. You're probably right Patrick. In fact you are right. Maybe we can be thankful that we are just ordinary guys that don't have to be in the fishbowl.

    Lot of grief in my life lately. The first time I heard "I Will Always Love You," it ripped my heart out. It still does. And I was never even a fan of hers.