Friday, August 30, 2013

Adult Child?

What the hell is this? There's no such thing as an "Adult Child". I call bullshit.
And what about "He got in with the wrong crowd. Bullshit. He's an asshole criminal and he found other asshole criminals to hang out with.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'd like to puke on the next person's face who says this.
You're only as sick as your secrets. Orly, you nosy fuck?


  1. Why does it say under your picture " view full size " ??? ...As if ! lol
    Long time no banter Dog , Im still sick and tired of being sick and tired , but i scrape through one miserable day after one miserable day .
    Best wishes to you ....shaun ( trucker )

  2. Question authority! Orly? But let's not reinvent the wheel k?

    Hey Trucker! Good to see ya!

    You heard from KeithJ or Puddy lately? How about Rufus or aw or Dave or ... fightingirish or... Tiburron88? Nevermind on the last one. That guy had so many aliases over at SR, he's probably a Mod or a Greeter by now.

  3. No but i am sat on the same sofa as charmian /charm....remember her ? whining newcomer ?? lmao ..Would be four year ago now ...Its a long story and a good one .
    Kept in touch with Keith for a while,..but been quiet for a year or so, And no i haven't heard from any others or see them on SR , which i have kinda drifted away from.
    Lift is pretty good , still have a love hate thing going with AA, Still working with guys but thin on the ground lately ...Moved up to the Scottish highlands in the last 4 months.
    13th birthday tomorrow , shit time flies eh .
    You still hear from Jimhere ,?...Fella helped me a lot when when i was kicking and screaming like a girl ..
    To be honest dog , i dont know what a blog is ??? or how to join in ..??
    Good to hear from you too.

  4. You are blogging now.

    It's kind of like a forum where a crazy such as McGowdog can be his own moderator. How cool is that?

    I think the only important thing about A.A. is that you try and stay on the path to your own conception of God, however that has progressed/evolved for you. If you find yourself in abundance, give away what's been freely given to you. If you find yourself in need, and hurting... keep giving away what's been freely given to you.

    So what does that mean? Going to lots of meetings? I think not. I've been stuck on about one meeting a week now and a lunch with the guys on Thursday commitment and I'm doing fine. We are doing the steps again. I would like to go to three meetings a week, but I have much to do at home with my wife now and much to do during work and in my quest to gain my work certifications.

    I feel I'm managing well. I don't chase drunks down. Once in a great while, I find someone willing to do steps. If they continue to be willing, we go through the steps. If not, I point them to someone else or watch them disappear.

    Jim was doing well leading a God Centered life outside of A.A., had some family things open up for him, and got hurt badly I think by a failed relationship with another from A.A. Too bad. This gal seemed to slander his name a bit so he went underground... or something like that. I don't blame him for chilling out a bit, but I miss him and don't want to bother him now. Maybe I should at least call him and see how he is. We used to talk on the phone. He saw me through some rough times with sick parents... as he experienced his own mom dying... and he helped me through a long bout of unemployment.

    Don't hear from RobB either nor Tony J. Hear from Karl aka Cuda and he is well. Joe D is well.

  5. Sounds good, I have a great meeting i try to attend over at inverness , The rest of my responsibilities fill the rest of my week.
    Its great to hear your doing well sir, if its ok with you i will check out the blog from time to time, be good to stay in touch .

  6. Anytime Shaun. Get my email from here or Joe and Happy Birthday tomorrow!

    I have family in Ireland... like on County Leitrim and some live in Scotland. Of all my family on my dad's side, the only potential alky I'm concerned about is my cousin in NYC.

  7. Happy Birthday Shaun and Happy Re-Union to you and da Dog.

    Paws (AKA: Uncle Meat)

  8. I'm still alive. And still have problems logging on to this fckn blog, but that's probably because I haven't been around for a while. Denver airport is like all the rest of them. Good to see that you're still stirring up the shit, Dog. But what's this about stinkin' thinkin'? I though that you'd be over them by now.

  9. Oh I am. I was just "stirring up the shit" as you put it.

    I brought up the Stinkin' Thinkin' stuff to show some of the Sober Recovery folks who were recently directed over here how this blog all started. In doing so, I see that ST breathed new life into itself but seems to have died off again.

    Good to see you Joe. Joe, meet Joe!

  10. Hey Joe, Welcome... Dog and I been met on City Data playing tag-team against the AA bashers.

    Joe M. (AKA: Pawporri on CD and UncleMeat 69 on SR)