Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If not A.A. then what... again?

So after almost 4 years of some of us going back and forth with these anti/XAers, where are they now? When we were mixing it up with them, it started off that they were smart rational thinkers and we were stupid culted koolaid drinkers.
Then when we presented rational and reasonable arguments for A.A., they got mad at us and tried the holier than thou approach and tried banning some of us.
Now, they're still there and they are all on this A.A. is full of rapists and murderers witch hunt.
OK fine. Gotta fix A.A., or take that sucker down.
But whatever happened to growing up better methods again? Where's AVRT? Where's Rational Recovery? Where's SMART? Where's Moderation Management? I hear you say you've got a TV program and you have such and such famous actor plugging it. But where can I go to an other-than-A.A. recovery program in a town near me?
It seems to me like you anti/XAers are about 98% resentment/fear and about 2% inginuity and action.
I'm burnt out on waiting for something to happen. I think I'll go kill an hour in an A.A. meeting and go paint a house. Y'all? Want to join me?


  1. I still like your blog.

    I will tell at least a few other AA people here in NSW Australia about your blog. Maybe they will enjoy it as much as I do.

  2. Hey Paul from Down Under! What's up? It's kind of lonely in here these days.

    My new friend Paw has been hangin in there with me.

    He's Uncle Meat at Sober Recovery. We both post over at City-Data too. You ever heard of that?

    Good Day Mate.

  3. We kick ass over there @ City Data.

    Come and watch the fun. We are usually found
    on the Psychology alcoholism threads of the
    mental health threads.

    Paws (AKA: Uncle Meat 69)

  4. Hey McGowdog and Paw,

    What's up?

    I recently got married.

    I will check out city-data

  5. Congrats! L&H! Www.city-data.com/forum

  6. How did you get my pic when I was in my
    suave and deboner phase of drinking ?