Friday, August 28, 2009

Roger Ebert Article

Well I've been hearing about this from Stinkin' Thinkin', and now a recovery site. So I thought I'd check it out.

I read the blog or whatever that is and don't know what I think about the guy yet. I'd like him to qualify for one thing. I'm not sure he's an alcoholic yet. I don't identify with his story and could care less about his 30 years of continuous sobriety. I want to know if he has to do what I do to stay spiritually fit. What's his experience with the steps? That's all I care about.

As Stinkin' Thinkin' rightly points out, he seems to be an A.A. appologist. A.A. needs no appology, but we'll look into a bit of what he says. Evidently, he has spent some time doing something. We'll try to find out what that is and see if it measures up with my experience in the steps. He says words like disease and addiction and "plug in the jug", which I hate. It's MOTR BS. Wedge. He's full of shit so I can't here him. But we'll see.

I tried to comment on one of the comments and his site wouldn't accept it, so I'll start my comments here;

Hey Sharon, about that 5th comment from 10:34 am on the 25th of August;

It's nice that your brother got sober on Rational Recovery. Whatever works. Sure! If rational thought works for you, do it!

I go to meetings here and there besides my homegroup. My homegroup is closed A.A. and it's just for alcoholics who submit to the steps as they are in the book and we are a group that discusses our experience and that's about it. We don't study the book. We just do it and discuss our current experience on it and we question each other about stuff. It's hard core, if you will.
But I go to these other meetings from time to time and there's this counselor from the local treatment center that's sort of the spiritual guru of this place. He brings his clients to this one meeting on Monday evenings. I ask him about Life Ring, Rational Recovery, SMART, SP, and I wonder if he knows about them. He says he's checked them out and that they may be fine for the hard drinker or hard drug user, but they don't work for the real alcoholic or the real addict. Didn't the founder drink again? Oh, well in that program, they don't talk about that stuff, right? Don't want to label anybody here, right? slipper-ER!!!!!!! Sorry.

Then I asked him about secular recoveries. He said he checked that out too. Evidently, he says, all they do in there is sit around and 8!#ch about A.A.

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