Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where are those abused in A.A. to go?

FTG: Based on what I see in the list of search terms that people use to find our blog, I know that our visitors are righteously pissed off about their experiences in AA. And those are precisely the people we’re here for. They are why we created this blog. But, there’s no censorship on Stinkin’ Thinkin (unless you pull a McGowdog and cut/paste the same 3 words over and over again for a half an hour straight and then hit “post” when you get a hand cramp – in which case we will probably just edit you down a bit so that people can get the gist of your argument without having to take a nap on the scroll button. McGowdog might hate our guts, but it’s not because we didn’t let him speak his mind or give him a fair shake.). What I mean is that the floor is yours. You will never be deleted. Speak your piece.

McGowdog didn't spend 30 minutes cutting and pasting. He used the binary method; cut and paste a few, then recut and paste what you've done a few times, then repeat and in less than a minute, you've annoyed your bloggers.

I went on to make amends to ftg and she graciously accepted, then told me she would continue to bad-mouth us nonetheless and that they like to debate over there. I don't debate this recovery stuff. It's just life and death for some of us and we don't mess around with it. So ftg said they were snakes over there and I believed them and walked away as she slithered off.

If you can stay sober on rational thought, do it. If you can stay sober on kind thoughts, do it. If you can stay sober on love thy neighbor, do it. Then if that works, please don't go to A.A. and get bent on their suggestions and/or directions and spare them your opinions of it. There's a lot of middle of the road/slogan garbage in A.A. That stuff may be helpful to the hard drinker and the lonely misfit, but it doesn't work for some alcoholics that may need a spiritual experience.

Dog A.A.'s suggestions to a spiritual experience all you want. A.A. is not a theology, a philosophy, and it's not a cult or a dogma. A.A. is merely a set of instructions. If you do certain things, you get a certain result. A.A. works, and it works everytime for alcoholics.

A.A. was built on a foundation of one drunk talking to another drunk. When you realize the simplicity of it, and the fact that those afflicted are solely responsible for their own recovery, they lose their value to a whole industry built up around them. Imagine all the paychecks that are signed off as a result of an alcoholic that is

A) drinking


B) still alive.

The problem is, alcoholics have a nasty way of dying, so they run out of root stock. It's the non-alcoholics that get hustled into A.A. that causes the problem.

So these poor abused victims that are in A.A., did they get sentenced into A.A. beyond their own will? Were they court ordered? Were they hustled in? I know some people that DON'T go to A.A. They aren't alcoholics or anything, but they don't go. And they don't bitch about A.A. either. What a concept, huh? If I went to PTA meetings, being that I don't have any children, I'd be confused and lost too. I might even eventually be asked to participate and give of my time. Then about 2 years later, I could be a victim too and say, YOU PTA BASTARDS HAVE WASTED MY LIFE!!!!!!! Then I could be a victim like you losers.

I am a real recovered alcoholic and I go to a meeting about twice a week. You loser dorks go to an Anti-A.A. meeting every day. It's called Stinkin' Thinkin'.


  1. So I went to a meeting the other night. Three chronic relapsers were in there with their sob story and they were getting the rounds of hugs and kisses from the group.
    Along comes ol Karls turn to speak and I said something real unpopular and might have lead to my demise as a member of that group.
    It started with something like "Blow the dust off your God Damn Book and see what it says"!
    Then I went on to explain exactly what powerless means and that this "Powerless" doesn't come and go. It's an all or nothing deal. WTF?? Are we powerless unless we have a party to go to Friday then we manage to temporarily get our power back somehow??
    We don't!! That's step one. They say that step one is the only step you can do 100% I say Bullshit. We come to AA when our ass is in the wringer and we take step one. As soon as our ass is out of the wringer we get our power back and we're off drinking again. I end my speel with "That's not my opinion, that's what the book says"!
    Some of us stick around and enjoy the camaraderie and companionship. We were never alcoholics in the first place so we didn't need to take any steps to quit drinking. We just quit. Therefore we have to sit around and invent shit to tell a newcomer. We sure have no reason to tell them steps. Even if we did have a reason to tell them the steps and how they worked for us, we couldn't. We didn't take them and we can't tell another how to do it. Therefore we tell them to quit taking their prescriptions and to not date for a year. That's all we know. After being a "Meeting Attender" for about a year we learn just enough to be dangerous. And it shows.
    Therefore, if we're not in AA to take, practice and teach the 12 steps, why are we here?

  2. You know what really blows my mind is how you have big shots on these message boards with years of tenure and 2 months or 2 weeks of sobriety.

    If you ever see me come onto a message board of which I have 2 or 5 years membership in and I start a thread called, "It's been 10 days for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee!!!!!!!!!!! Let's start a keyboard party for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    If you see me do that, just grab a 12 gauge shotgun and press it to the back of my neck and squeeze that trigger, please.

    What the hell are you doing wasting your time on a computer if you can't even get sober? You don't deserve a damn computer or you have no need on a "Recovery" site, one or the other.