Friday, March 12, 2010

A Lesson in Amoral Atheism

Here is a picture of an atheist (communist) who actually has the power to kill, not just ban someone from an internet blog. Gee, I wonder which way his moral compass is pointing.......

Anyway, it looks like I've done it this time.

What have you done, Tony, you ask ?

Well, that's the problem. I don't actually know.

When dealing with amoral atheists, like those over at stinkin thinkin, you never know what the rules of engagement are.

MA called me a pedophile about a week ago. And here are a few gems leveled at me in the last few days :

"Jeezusghod, so you’re an ignorant dink about absolutely everything on the planet, then." ftg
"Any group that uses faith, prayer and a fictitious character (HP) as a form of treatment, I would class as “crazy as batshit”, yes." klare
" the closeted homo-fag homaseksha only came on here to rage his serenity at everyone"groovecat
"i gotta say though, that i will miss him. it was fun insulting him"groovecat
"I was tempted, just in case there was any question, to make a list of all the nasty shit he’s been saying…"ftg
"You homo" ftg
"Tony, Now that I know you’re a self-loathing closeted gay man, it makes utter sense to me why you’d think that insisting that I’m fat and unfuckable would make a difference. I could be as big as a house and I’d still be right, and you’d still be an angry little closet case peepee."ftg
"I’m so sorry, I forgot that you’re idiot, as well as a homo. "ftg
"I will be glad to have a conversation about the objective reasons not to kill other people, but I’m not going to have that conversation with a moral idiot like you. "ftg
(then she wonders why I call her fat)

"Thanks. Some people are just too offensive to be borne, and Tony J is one of them." Mona Lisa (who likes to drink 'moderately')

"thanks for that. folks who think they are insulting someone/thing with homosexual labels, (or my other big no-no, “retarded”) are too dumb to matter but should still be schooled." This is my personal favorite, this stupid bitch has a big 'no-no' but thinks it's okay to say someone is too dumb to matter. Hey bitch, that's the same thing as calling me retarded........duh.

So according the the 'open' community, it's moral to insult people and to call them crazy, homo, idiot, ignorant dink, fag etc, etc.....

But for some unknow reason I committed the unpardonable sin by saying someone liked to have gay sex.

In the mind of the amoral atheist, any rule can be invoked at any time that proves convienent to them. I'm sure if ftg could murder me right now, she would. And she'd sleep well afterwards because as an atheist, she has no capacity to gauge right from wrong. This is very apparent from the way she selectively takes offense on her blog. Anyone she agrees with is afforded 'freedom of speech', anyone she doesn't agree with can stop by and be insulted and mocked but if they stand up for themselves they are murdered. Since the only power she has is to kill my ability to post on her little blog, that's all she does. But, I'm sure if she could, she's have MA give her my head on a platter.

Anyway, the official score is Tony J : 2 MA : 0.

The good news is, I picked up a new pigeon this week. It's good to have some AA duties, it makes me realize how much time I waste with the likes of MA and FTG. I can help someone who wants to stop drinking and better himself. No one can help the likes of the stinkin thinkin crew. I feel kind of dirty now that I've spend so much time over there. I started out by keeping an eye on cuda (don't go on a 12th step call alone) but I let the leeches get ahold of me and suck my blood.

Yes, they do deserve a good ass kicking but no, it's not my job to do it. I can't stop the alcoholic who they will murder with their propaganda but I can at least help the ones who go to meetings around my town.


  1. What did you do to her? Take her candy bar away? That'll get you banned every time.

    They've run out of tabs for you. Welcome back. We've left you some clean towels, some Irish Spring, shampoo, conditioner, delouse powder, and some deluted bleach.

    Get cleaned up and make yourself comfortable.

  2. I can't believe you guys that question authority like you do.
    Didn't you know that when God can't help the crew over at ST can.
    The beauty of AA recovery is that we know where we stand. If you "Just Quit" you never see this
    "Each person is like an actor who wants to run the whole show; is forever trying to arrange the lights, the ballet, the scenery and the rest of the players...."
    Dare I mention the word "Dry Drunk"?
    If that word offends some how bout we just call it
    "The Nanny Complex" since they speak for grown people who are capable of making their own decisions.

  3. Dry drunks ?

    Didn't FTG just mention that she 'controls' her drinking. And I know that yenta Mona Lisa was just over on a blog stumping for how important it is to teach people with alcohol problems that moderation is an option.

    Really, if all they did was sit around and complain about AA, I'd say God bless them. But they're telling confused vulnerable alcoholics that AA is a cult and is worse then no support/recovery method at all. They're telling them they should try to moderate instead of abstain. They're acting as if AA is a poor solution when they have no solution to offer. To me that's wrecklessly endangering the life and well being of other people.

    The ones who don't drink are about as dry as they come, I suppose. I doubt that most of them are sober though. Using the old marijuana maintenance maybe, or prescription pills (that's one of their big pet peeves, it makes me wonder).

    Plus they tend to be that boring kind of atheist who makes a religion out of his atheism (yawn). Hey, if you don't believe in God, more power to you, but you should probably focus on the here and now and not worry about what theists believe. That's not logical from an atheists perspective since they only have a limited amount of time and then nothing.

    Still, the whole 'internal compass' argument could only be put forth by a very self rightous and very un-self-aware person anyway. Once you get a little honest with yourself how could you honestly think that you (as an individual) could ever see things in unselfish absolute terms ?

    You're right Cuda. We do have at least some idea of where we stand, and it's not at the apex of the pyramid anmyomre.

  4. As anyone with a heartbeat can tell you the best way to assure a loyal following is to scare the hell out of your subordinates.
    The crew at ST seems to think that's what AA does by fabricating lies about Jails, Institutions or Death verbage being AAs recruiting scam. It's not AA and it's not said in AA except by those that bring their treatment center mentality into AA.
    You can't tell them how the rooms of AA are full of RR, MM, LifeRing, Treatment Center Jargon and outright Therapy by unqualified people. It just has an AA sign on the door.
    Speaking of scaring the hell out of your subordinates, look no further than the pages of ST. Cult, Murder, Relapse, Murder, Suicide, Rape, Etc...
    And the weak minded lemmings jump on board totally disregarding one thing.
    AA may suck but it has 2 million and more members for some reason.
    It's possible that it sucks for those that think it sucks but AA must suck less than everything else does.
    If there was anything else better, wouldn't you think it would prevail over AA??

  5. If and when something better comes along, it will prevail. No doubt.

    The problem with the anti-AA crowd is, they're so grandiose and ego centered that they honestly think AA has something to do with them personally. They can't imagine that AA can serve the greater good since the great I AM (they) don't like it.

    Childish and almost laughable. But sad and deadly none the less. I'm quite sure they've killed already and will kill again. The ironic thing is they harp on and on about unqualified people dispensing advice in AA. And here they are dispensing advice in a life or death matter and refusing to take the least bit of responsibility for their actions.

    Go on that blog some time and see how many times they advise people not to go to AA. WTF ?
    They also second guess actual trained professionals who do recommend AA. WTF ?

    They worry about the splinter in AA's eye while ignoring the beam in their own. (as someone once said)

  6. I haven't posted over there in a good while. I haven't even gone over there except to sort of see what went on with Tony.

    It's both sad and hillarious. I'm sorry for you Tony that they booted you. I'm laughing my ass off because you actually got ftg so ragingly scorned that she would probably go straight for your balls if she ever saw you in public. You pissed her right off.

    You pretty much bitch-slapped them all on a daily basis and they just got sick of it. They dispell me as rude and crazy. Besides the three of us, who really gave them any flak? Nobody to speak of. Once in a while, an AAer comes in and says, "How dare you heathens knock the A.A. program and the saintly Bill Wilson!" Then they make him/her into the "Quote of the Week".

    How pompous and narcissistic those fucks are! They act like they are the alpha and the omega of some huge cause... A.A. bashing. It's entertaining and of interest to a few of us... but outside of that, who outside of the recovery industry cares?

    Same thing that happened to you Tony, happened to me. I dropped the resistor color code on them and they started to try to label me as a chauvinist and a homophobe. I have a wife and have been married going on 10 years, so I couldn't be that bad of a guy. I kid you not now when I tell you that MrsGowdog would NOT tolerate anything less from me than a decent gentleman; moral and kind to others of different gender, race, political and sexual preference, etc. She's my best advocate. If I can keep her happy and keep the respect of her folks, I'm doing pretty god-damned good and those fucksticks out in lala land can lick my harry ass.

    That's another thing; they love to take our inventory and tell us how bad we are... where we've gone off the beam... like we gave a fuck what they think. Tell me that I'm rude and I'll fart in your food just to spite your ass. Then they'll say, "Oooh! What a fine example of saintlihood and an A.A. program you are!"