Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iwo Jima March 26th, 1945

Well the fighting on the front has seemed to intensify with no ground being given up by either side. The Troops from the Stinkin Thinkin side have shown their arsenal only has a limited amount of ammo as the same tired old bombs are being lobbed across the front line. Team McGowdog has managed to repel the bombs by using the recently developed bullshit sifter. The bullshit sifter was developed to filter what Team ST seems to think is the ultimate weapon in the war against AA. Thanks to the development the weaponry used by ST has been reduced to the molehill that it really is to begin with. The Bullshit Sifter has made it known that nobody is dying, Nobody is getting raped, Nobody is selling their first born, Nobody is financing their Sponsors lifestyle... Ad Infinitum. What ST has done as a strategy was, and still is, to take the smallest, most insignificant aspect of AA and blow it entirely out of proportion. Being of the "Nimble Minded Variety" the Troops at ST lead by their General have determined that they have the ultimate responsibility to save the world.

General Orange has dedicated his career to the destruction of AA and feels the world without AA would be a better place. God only knows why. General Orange is otherwise an unproductive human being. General Orange has masterminded the art of evasion, developing his own talking points and creating the illusion that AA really has problems by referencing himself and causing opponents to navigate in circles until they give up. We show a surveillance photo of General Orange being surrounded by some of his smarter loyalists. The smarter of the loyalists are smart enough to stay away from the keyboard when they know their weapons are ineffective
One of the favorite talking points is to point to everything that AA really isn't and call it AA. Jonathan, being an inside collaborator will confirm their beliefs that AA is really everything they say it is.

Thankfully the bullshit sifter has foiled this attempt at confirming anyone's belief that AA is Meetings and hour long bullshit sessions with your Middle of the Road Buddies.
Pentagon Sources have determined that
Team Stinkin Thinkin only has a limited supply of weaponry. In the infinite wisdom of ST they seem to think that when they lob ineffective bombs that the best solution is to keep lobbing the same ineffective bombs over the wall.
That's the latest news from the front.
In summary, intensive fighting with neither side budging. Team Stinkin Thinkin has the advantage of sheer numbers while Team McGowdog has an advantage when it comes to just plain common sense and the ability to let people do as they please without any interference.


  1. Thanks for bringing us into March with a Patriotic image... with March Madness, St. Paddy's Day and Spring looming!

    Kiss me arse, I'm Irish! Green, through and through.

  2. Good job Karl.

    Someone needs to tell them it's okay if they don't go to AA. They haven't seemed to figure that out yet. They don't need a reason, they can just not go.

  3. Wow. I just got called a sanctimonious asshole. I love offending the British.