Friday, July 30, 2010

I think I fixed the blog

Name That Beer Label

I've been getting a lot of asian spam... comments with Chinese fonts.

I didn't think much of it until last night.

I noticed that sometimes the spam had some form of asian text in the name, but once in a while, they'd throw in a fortune cookie type saying or something... like subtlety is greater than force or some shit.

But all this spam was followed by these blue dots

Now the blue dots were obviously some kind of hyperlink or something. I've tried to google them to find out what they were... safely. Some seemed to be nasty sites or something.

Well last night, I couldn't delete the latest one from my comments recap on the top right of my blog. So I went to everyone that I'd left from the past, went to their site and reported them to Blogger as span or porn, and saved them for my own reference, and the last one went away.

Don't know what these folks are up to, but I doubt it's any good.

Now leave us the hell alone and go someplace else, thank you. You may get a notice from Blogger soon. You can thank me for that.



  1. I missed 4 labels. I didn't drink out of bottles unless it was wine.
    Therefore I know what a bottle of Night Train looks like but not Sapporo.
    Go figure.

  2. I took it a few times to get the 100.

    There were a few beers that I missed... you know? When they come out with beers since you got sober?

    I know that Bud, Bud light, O'Doul's and Michelob are related via Anheuser Busch, Miller Light was one of my favorite light beers (Beck's Light was the best), Corona is horse piss... with a twist of lime, Sopporo and Sake is what you get when you go for sushi (gesundheit, thank you), silver bullet and that stupid blue mountain campaign, Guinness... the harp, Heineken... rarely turned one down, PBR me ASAP!, Samuel Adams ( not near as good as Samuel Smith), Fosters... Australian for Beea... kangaroo, pretty much had to guess my way through the rest.

    When I went back out drinking, it was fun to catch up on what I'd missed. On one stint, I'd never tasted a Zima. So while I was out drinking, I ordered a Zima just to see what it was about... Zima, tastes like Zhit! I did like Tequiza though.

    I used to like those Ice beers. They'd give you a buzz. Pig's Eye! Tasted like Coors Extra Gold but cheap like PBR! Old Style, cheap and not too bad. Best beer I ever had... Golden Colorado, Coors short tour, which means go staight to the free beer, Killian's Red on tap. Henry Weinhard's too! Oh, man. They even make a good root beer.