Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roll Call

God... and his Gibson

So, I'd like to welcome our newest follower... Paul.

Today (yesterday) was Paul's 1 year sobriety birthday.

Happy Birthday to ya! One year sober is a big deal. Good to see it.

I don't know much else about Paul, but... now might be the time for us all to take roll call and see who's here, how you're doin'...

I'm sober tonight and well. Wife is sick. Hope she gets over her allergies soon. I've got someone I'm trying to take through the steps. What's that called? I'm I a sponsor now? What if I get fired? The pressure's on.

I am McGowdog and I approve this post.

See you all in the comment section.


  1. Hey Paul. Congrats.

    You might not like me, I'm a bigoted, homophobic theist. But, what the hell, I'm sober.

  2. And I cuss to fucking much! Welcome!

  3. I'm just sitting up here guarding the northern border.
    I'll let you know if I see some gay looking dude with a scarf around his neck driving the Mach 5.
    So far the coast is clear.
    I'm fresh out of Sponsees Patrick. I guess nobody wants what I have.
    They would much rather hang out in Club Meetings, pick up chicks, sell drugs out the back door, disregard the steps and God and still call it AA.
    It's that stuff that ST crew dreams about. Good thing they don't get it in print. They'd get the pages stuck together.

  4. "It takes all kinds to make a world" Yes it does, don't it.

    Now I don't know what the .....'s are or the "746 adult talk, but welcome anyway.

    Thx againg for checking us out Paul.

  5. I'm off to a city barbecue competition.
    I'm not cooking but I got roped into going and eating.
    I don't even like BBQ.