Monday, June 28, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous heads down to San Antonio

Bear down

Kurt Rambis hijacks a nice thread in the 12 Step subforum over at Sober Recovery. The "Wired" article gets brought up there too. They're gonna see my comments. They get another opportunity to ignore me. Fun fun. Anyway, here's a good example of a wacko anti/wanna be XAer making an utter foo out of himself while parroting his Stinkin'Thinkin' buddies' rhetoric.

  • Also can you tell me what the truth is and provide the proper (stand up in a court of law) evidense
  • Personally if I am going to obey the commands of AA, I like prove it works, of which there is none.
  • Luckily I live in an area where there other treatment options are available.
  • 12 steps and big book was harmful to me.
  • To be fare ***** most of comments were aimed ***** and *****
  • ... other ways of sobriety then would realise that the 12 steps are but suggestions.
  • A newcommer is a newcommer (ie you don't know anything about them) don't try to be there psychologist by forcing what you think is best for them
  • ...then we have to look at statistical evidense. Of which there is none.
  • You really don't listen do you.
  • People like you You really don't listen do you. could be responsible for people who shouldn't be in AA comitting suicide. How your conscious is clean is beyond me.
  • Not many people new of his ...
  • paramount to acheiving long term good sobriety [New rule... i before e except after ch]
  • You are not qualified to make judgements about why people go back drinking. Bull fucking shit. You're not fucking qualified Kurt Rambis.

ProAAer steps in and calls Kurt Rambis on his bullshit; "Why do you wish to hijack it under the guise of helping people?"

C'mon Kurt! Please!

  • There are about 1 million A.A. members in the U.S., according to the official A.A. survey. There is not even an accurate account of how many people came to meetings, and as anyone who has a clue, meeting attendance does not mean one has tried AA, that only means you sat your butt in a chair for an hour.

    As far as the claim on the Orange Papers that AA has a less than 2% success rate. That would mean that 99 million raving alcoholics would have had to have come to A.A. meetings and failed, to balance out that paltry 1 million who got sober.

    The A.A. Triennial Membership Surveys for 1977 through 1989 show that, of those people who are in their first month of attending A.A. meetings, 26% will still be attending A.A. meetings at the end of that year. That means that we would have to run 4 million people roughly through a few A.A. meetings in order to come out with 1 million people who stay in A.A. and get a bit of sobriety. With 10 million people in the U.S. classified as alcohol dependent, that means that we would have to conclude that nowadays about 40% of the alcoholics in the U.S. end up with a little bit of contact with A.A. at one time or another during their lives. And in fact, as a ball park estimate, this 40% figure matches up at least reasonably well with some very well done National Institute of Health studies.

    Now having said all that, I could care less about statistics.

Ok, now back to Kurt Rambis;

  • The article you quote is pure propoganda I'm graduate of mathematics I understand statistics more than the person who wrote this article. It would be laughed it by clinical scientists
  • AA has never ever been prooved to cure people of alcoholism, ever.

Prooved? Hmmm. Really? "Graduate of mathematics"..., prooved? Hmmm.

  • Anybody ever heard of the placebo affect. Clearly none of you on here understand it

Ok fucking genius... well, I'll just let a proAAer from SR take it from here;

It's the placebo effect, not affect, and funny you should trot that out in this discussion as there is tremendous argument in the medical community over it's effectiveness.

And since I don't regulate myself here... fucking DUMBASS! Sue the fucksticks who awarded you your "Graduate of mathematics"!

Another proAAer at SR:

Hey Kurt...

Thanks for coming on the 12 STEP FORUM and bashing our program.

I hope you find some peace in your life. Maybe you've even turned a few people off recovery in general with your confusingly sharp comments.

I have tried quitting AA dozens of times. The problem is, even though it is fallible. It is still the best recovery I have found so far.

SMART and Rational Recovery are little more than psychological tricks&tips that only help those who never drank to the point of developing all 3 aspects of full-blown alcoholism;


You guys over at Sober Recovery really need to be careful of this shit. This is the kind of stuff that gets you in trouble with the TOS, even though you're being baited and flamed by a retard who can't keep himself sober, but likes to make a mockery of A.A. and is motivated by his anti/XAer buddies who mimick Agent Orange jargon.


  1. Allow me to toss in a mathematical stat.
    Until Kurt Rambis can quit drinking himself, his numbers and opinions are meaningless bullshit.
    They have 0% credibility.
    That's Zero with a "Z"
    No armchair quarterbacking allowed Kurt.

  2. I think that people who need to and cannot get sober should relinquist their cell phone and their internet privileges.

    We know drunk and high people have a recovery program. We're just not interested.

  3. I keep getting comments from an Asian fellow named Semicolon, "I" "square". So, ;I[], if you're reading this, stop speaking Chinese on my blog. You gotta speak the Engrish. Prease transrate or your comments just go bye-bye.

    But I will reave you with funny joke;

    What do you get when you cross a poodle with an Elephant? A dead poodle with an 18 inch asshole.

  4. So, stop crossing poodles with elephants.

    I'd have left your comment had it not been so spamy. I tried to translate it and it was gibberish. If you're gonna post here, try to be on topic.

    Asians, for one, aren't even alcoholics. Asians aren't like the rest of us. They don't a rack a disiprine.

  5. 靜宸靜宸... aka Jingchinjingchinjingchin says,


    Well thank you! Happy Birthday to America!

  6. Explain the top picture.
    Is that MA giving a speech to his following??

  7. Some friends of mine went down to Texas.

  8. Ok, our Asian friend is back. His name is "ladder" "8" "C". Hello ladder 8 c.

    He says, "中國人是小和有臭味的和我們愛 americans"

    Thank you.