Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiburon88s responder OneOf gets Stinkin' Thinkin's Quote of the Day

Here's some responses to OneOf's response to Tiburon88;

Susan says
wow, that’s an unbelievable ego preaching surrendering ego there. I need a shower and some brain bleach now thanks for that.

tintop says
Susan, I thought the same thing.

violet says wtf????????

AndyM says
To the best of my knowledge there has never been any “lab test” to determine whether someone is suffering from depression and might benefit from antidepressants. And, of course, antidepressants are not painkillers as this person seems to think. But ignorance never stops these zealots trying to countermand informed medical advice.
The combination of the message that the rest of the world wouldn’t miss you if you killed yourself with a condemnation of accepting medical treatment for depression is pretty poisonous.

k says
Behind many alcoholics are life problems and mental illness, AAs answer to this is that you are egotistical in not being happy with your life.
A woman goes home and is being abused physically by her partner, she drinks to numb things.
AAs answer stop being egotistical; and selfish and accept the beatings, live life on life terms throw in the towel and accept defeat go home and get a good beating, then apoligise to him and apologise to everybody else. Don’t let your ego get in the way of wanting a better life otherwise god will throw relapse bolts at you.
Stop using your life as an excuse.
you dont drink because you are schizophrenic, bipolar, suffering PTSD (despite countless studies showing these types of people are more likely to suffer alcoholism). You drink because you are selfish and egotistical.
pray to god you scumbag

k says
maybe i am being wierd but instead of apoligising to everybody wouldn’t part sorting her situation out be to leaving her partner.
An hardcore AAs response. Thats a seperate issue, nothing to do with alcoholism and if you think it is then you are termianlly unique and doomed to alcohol hell. we are all the same, take the cotton wool out of your ears and put them in your mouth and go and apologise to some people. But take cotton wool out first then put it back until you realsie Bill W was a prophet and the Big book is the Bible

k says
Bill W this, bill W that. Did you know Billy boy W used to put his hat on before his underpants.
people with many years more sobriety than Billy W had at the time quote everything he says like hes some kind of saint

k says
There is millions of these brainwashed zealots. with their blind allegence to dr bobby and billy w. If they were born in a an arab country I have know doubt that the most hardcore would be potential suicde bombers

k says
Most apologise to any arabs, not because AA told me to too. lol. I meant if they were born in area where terrorists had power, I know thats not most of the Arab areas

Ben Franklin says
Is Pinkcuda the same Cuda that was banned from here?

humanspirit says
Absolutely despicable. And this nasty piece of supremely egotistical filth thinks he’s “increasing the amount of love in the universe” does he?

This is yet another person whose higher power has clearly decided not to restore to sanity.

speedy0314 says ma,
‘egoism’ and ‘egotism’ are similar but not directly synonymous.
the great & learned whatever-the-f**k-his/her-name is who authored the above acid-reflux-inducing post would do well to keep a dictionary handy when typing out those hectoring pearls of ‘love & service’.
hmmmm … .
on second thought, that dictionary would sit — never opened — collecting dust while the bhodisatva prattles on self-importantly about ’surrendering’.
jeez, has anyone even read freud these days? or calvin? or martin luther?
nope — bill wilson’s convoluted hybrid of the freudian ‘ego’ (as shat out through jung’s great mythology-engorged colon) mixed with a heavy dose of calvin’s inherently sinful self & martin luther’s “divine spark” will do just fine for these imbeciles.
the ‘ego’ is an abstraction, shitbird — a hypothetical construct. do the world a favor & surrender your internet connection.

surrender … but don’t giver yourself away,
Sofa King S.M.A.R.T.

tintop says
soberrecovery is an example of the “blind leading the blind”. There are good well intentioned people there; but, places like soberrecovery show the very worst of “peer led recovery”. “oneof” is an example of that sort of thing.

friendthegirl says
In your present state, you are useless as any part of a solution to your society’s problems. In fact, you add to the problems. So if you were to kill yourself, there would be no loss to the rest of us, wouild there? See the truth of that, Ti. It’s important.

That is a purely, shockingly hateful and abusive lie to tell another human being. I am sure this isn’t the first time he has verbally assaulted a vulnerable person in AA with this demented “truth.” Good god, he’s so adamant that his victim understand and really internalize just how worthless he is to everyone on earth. “It’s important.”

What a sick fuck.

Are there really AA members who are against seeing some oversight and accountability? How much longer will they think it’s such a hoot that the inmates are running the asylum?

tintop says k,
determine what is right, then go ahead. Forget those people, they are not worth it.
June 3, 2010, 5:25 am

JenX says WTF!? I have an account over there under a different name, "Twat Chops", and I occasionally ask questions and get horrible advice and responses from “well meaning 12 steppers”, but none have been as awful as the response above. June 3, 2010, 7:47 am

tintop says JenX, yes, that response was unusally bad.
It is all that they know. soberrecovery is very poor. June 3, 2010, 8:50 am


I Think it's very nice you all are concerned about the recipient of this post, which is now about 6 months old. The thread has not been posted in since about the 25th of November, 2009.

I don't recall this poster, but they didn't seem to get reprimended for suggesting tiburon to go "kill himself". That seems a little odd to me. I didn't engage Tiburon88s posts too much because they were usually in the "Alcoholism" section and they were obvious flame-bating antiAA threads. I did go head to head with Bugsworth in there though. She'd come crawling out from under some rock to engage in her antiAA bashing whenever she got the chance. Huh Bugs? Huh Madeline?

This Tiburon88 character was funny though. This is the same guy who started a thread called, "Drinking mouthwash=How Dangerous? And, let's not forget, "I Hate A.A. = My Reasons. Let's see some Tib-isms, shall we?

  • I believe I'm too sick for AA and had to be "escorted" out after my last meeting. -tiburon

  • I don't think I meant it but I actually said that I wished everyone in this room would relapse.
  • Yes I was sober too.

  • ">People don't take me seriously anymore & to tell the truth either do I.
  • I received 3 broken ribs because I implied I had a weapon when I dialed 911. I accept that because they treated me okay & were just doing their jobs. I was overjoyed at that result because I knew I would receive pain killers.
  • I admit I hate myself but I also have a strong dislike towards you. You probably hurt more newcomers in recovery than help them.
  • Why don't you brag about how long you've been sober? I'm sure that will make you feel better than other folks around here. -tiburon
  • Hey everyone I'm still here and usually drunk as a skunk. I hit a new low. I know, I know the advice will be: see a doctor.
  • On a side note if I just drink mouthwash is that considered a relapse?
  • I got some meds to help me detox and will be doing it soon.
  • "10 years of Alcoholism and still going"
  • I have to pick the right hospital. A few know me and label me as a "drug seeker" and will refuse to see me for any reason. I'm not even kidding about this. -tiburon
  • Why should anyone care about me? I certainly don't give a crap about a single person in this world right now.
  • I know when I was a kid my dream was always to be a alcoholic/drug addict. I also dreamed of become apart of AA. At least I have achieved my goals huh? Thanks everyone for reading.
  • I obviously need more than AA and Sober Recovery offers.
  • Have any of you stayed up for days thinking of ways to get rich with a "plan"? How about wandering the city with a police scanner and badge ready to bust drug dealers?
  • Now give me the "tough AA" responses that I so desperately need and want.
  • I believe it is the doctors job is to make my withdrawal easier. Otherwise, I will just continue to drink.
  • Ativan works best for me although I'm on Klonopin right not.
  • so he keeps me on the Klonopin. It helps some but I think I need an increase in dosage which I will ask next time.
  • That's typical of American heath care though.
  • I need to concentrate on my animosity towards ER doctors and nurses.
  • When a patient asks for a certain drug that's what he/she should get.
  • The consumer is always right. Why should I pay a $1500 hospital bill if I
    didn't even receive the correct services? -tiburon
  • usually request 4mg of Ativan in an IV. I usually get it too because the docs don't want to get me riled up
  • Once in a while though I'll get a doctor/nurse who refuse to give me what I need.
  • I even threaten to sue them.
  • Call me a baby or whatever but I admit I'm very demanding when I need to detox. -tiburon


Originally Posted by suki44883
When you get serious about living sober, let us know.

When you dispense some helpful advice let me know.

Side note by McGowdog: HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was funny! suki is
(((((((((((tiburon))))))))))))))))) mushy mushy kissy. Then after
that little remark, suki's thinking, "I'll cut your little raisins


Now back to Tib...

  • What opportunities? You know my life from reading a message board? The right to destroy your life isn't a luxury but sometimes destiny. -tiburon
  • No AW I will bash the program from now on.



Keep up the good work!!! Your fortitude is absolutely stunning and you're an inspiration to all those that try to achieve sobriety.

You Pinkcuda are a perfect example of why I don't listen to AA folks.

You must enjoy relishing in other peoples misery. I believe u are a very unhappy individual and will put u on ignore. Please do the same with me. -tiburon


  1. Tib is a Troll in every sense of the word. I'm willing to bet he's from the ST team.
    I even got into it a little with one of the Mods when I called him on his BS.

  2. That's exactly what I'm saying. He is a punk and I'd like to access more of his BS. He must be good friends of ftg. He's not smarmy enough to be speedy. And what's up with kurtrambis? I shouldn't get you involved with this discussion as you're still in the game.

    But I see gratuitous A.A. bashing going on in there and it riles a bunch of A.A.ers and the A.A.ers are the ones who take the heat.

    The really insidious damage is done by those who come in as newbies and ask the stupidest questions and you just know they're baiting the AAers and trying to get a reaction. But you don't dare call them out on the carpet because they're new... and vulnerable. They're victims. Oh, but SR's gonna make their little booboos go away.

  3. Pink,
    How is it that you haven't been banned from SR? I go over there from time to time, I can lurk but I can't log in. It sure isn't like it was before, bunch of solid AA guys holding the line, these days it's mostly bullshit, with a lot of guys with decades of sober time slinging the majority of non AA crap, I believe PAtrick addressed this in a previous rant, I had to laugh, I didn''t know he had access to my thoughts. Glad you, Keith, BP44 and a few other drunks who are armed with the proper facts are still there, disturb the comforted. Carry on,

  4. I don't know how I managed to stay alive. I do know I was purposley avoiding the one particular thread that ended it all. The only reason I avoided it was because Patrick and Jim were were doing a tremendous job.
    Besides, trying to explain anything to Bugfest is a waste of time. Her percieved right todictate what people should and shouldn't do supercedes all. Even God!
    I can't understand the "AA sucks but I keep going" mentality.
    If it sucks and doesn't work for you, simply don't go.
    Of course what fun would that be?? It's a lot more amusing to go AA bashing and tell stories of all the meetings we go to that suck.
    Maybe that's because AA has become meetings and meetings only. We learn that in Rehab. Steps are just suggestions. (Whatever)
    Even more amusing is tha AA bashing over at ST
    Good ole "K" can bash AA with the best of them. He/She must be real good at typing with one hand while holding a drink with the other.
    Seems "Just Quit" isn't working for "K" either.
    The obvious thing to do is bash AA.
    Makes perfect sense.

  5. Ah, this is funny! There's a bad meeting thread going on now and this SR guy Stugotz said something I don't think I've heard before. I want to use it sometime;

    "There is one group where I live that is like a bar without the alcohol. They fight, yell, and basically use the room for everything but recovery. Its known as the shoebox. Filled with slippers, loafers, and sneakers. Some are sicker than others, and that becomes very apparent in some groups. "

    Ha! Poor guy didn't get one "thank you" cookie.