Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our problems are of our own making

So... I've been thinking about this lately. Not so sure. I just responded to a comment on another post from one of our peers in the trenches and he gives merit to our detractors. Well, I suppose he's right. I won't go as far as to say our detractors are right. We're just ironically fighting the same fight.

So what follows is a response to him which is a topic of its own. Please enjoy;

The logical assumption is to say "All of A.A.s problems are from within A.A." or "Our problems are of our own making." But, although it sounds nifty, I call bullshit. What's my current experience with it? I just got back from out of town and went to the local treatment center meeting. Bunch of folks with all types of recovery and sobriety and/or "clean" time... so I really like and care about these folks.

But there's this alumni of folks who run the asylum...er treatment meeting and... it's beyond loose. They are so far out in left field with the traditions, recovery, what it is to do the steps, etc. Oh, and they are very loud, vocal, full of shit... and they bash traditional and fundamental A.A.

Now... how in the fuck is that "our" problem? Like you say, this is the stuff where MA and the stinkin' crowd and I/we would totally agree on what a clusterfuck that is.The chair person introduces himself as an addict/alcoholic and he makes the topic "What brought you here?" OK enough. But he shares between everybody elses share, effectively crosstalking them, and says, "You know you've made it in A.A. when you stick around long enough to get a nickname."

What happens when you're a chronic slipper? Do you get "Chonic Slipper" or "bananna peel" as a nickname?

Then you have the "Sober in Recovery" crowd. These are secular/rational recovery folks hijacking an A.A. meeting.

You have the "Recovering" alcoholics... $%#$#@

Before the meeting starts, you have the announcements... the everybody is welcome to our Memorial Day Campout at Lake Dewease... even alkies, addicts, spouses, children, MILs and FILs, etc... just no drinking allowd please... Everybody loves 3M Mike... Meeting Makers Make it!

Then you have the military guy... who speaks his peace about how prevalent drinking is in the military and how they all drink every night and how it's so widely accepted and expected. Another can of worms. Are you an alcoholic because you're military? Is that not a situational drinker?

Ah, it's a mess. Where to start? Do we just leave them be and take the blame at the same time?

Now the poor newcomers at these treatment centers... they get branded as alcoholic/addicts... by guess who? The counselors? Well maybe. But it doesn't matter. The alumni are the real perps.

I did not pick this topic out of thin air. It comes up from time to time. Case in point;

One of our comrades in the trenches:
That's because AA has become about the meetings you make regardless of the content.
It has nothing to do with the original intent of AA.
It's all about meetings.We can thank Rehab centers for this.

Another solid AAer in the trenches commenting on that;
I actually think we can thank ourselves for this. It's our (the AA members) responsibility to uphold our Traditions and carry a message. It's not the rehabs job to make sure we stuck with the original program of recovery.

See? Then the original comrade responds;
Yeah, but we were out numbered!Rehabs sent in the masses raving about 90/90 and slogans to get the job done.

At least they're telling them to go to "A.A. meetings". These guys in this alumni circle at the local Chemical Dependency Unit tell these new folks to go to the treatment center meetings and other loose A.A. meetings where a drug is a drug is a drug and we can hug each other sober.

I'm told I'm passionate about this. Well, how can't we be? Our detractors sure are passionate about how screwed up A.A. is... and they blame the likes of me. They say I'm the perfect example of what's wrong with A.A. The big-book thumper who destroys the lives of other lost alcoholics. Not sure what my motive for this would be... except for brainwash and sabotage.

So I guess I'm like a zombie vampire.


  1. I don't know about you but I've been to too many meetings to count. I'm sure you have too.

    I can honestly say that in the countless meetings I've been to I've never seen anything like these people have in the dozen meetings they've been to.
    I think they're making shit up.
    Much like those in AA that have no idea what the book says, they make shit up.
    So therefore if you have no idea what the truth really is, make shit up.
    Regardless of what side of the fence you're on.
    Somebody will probably believe you.
    These perpetual liars over at ST might think they know what's going on, but they don't.
    They just have a bunch of other lemmings believing the shit they make up.
    And to think. They call us weak minded.
    Go figure!

  2. They also have the innate inability to differentiate the program from the fellowship. You never ever hear them complain about someone telling them that they don't belong in A.A. or that they are perhaps not alkies.

    They probably have come across a real alky who tried to qualify them and couldn't and this is where they went crying to their computer and found ST, Orange, etc. and then they gak'd all over themselves.