Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ain't worth my time

Just here to say... A.A. works brilliantly for me. So kick back... enjoy your day, and don't forget to... Spend Your Sunday with the Priest!

MA writes:
One of our readers, Cuda, aka “Leadfoot”, who we regretfully had to ban from the site – participates in a forum largely dedicated to this blog, how they don’t care about this blog, and to dispelling some of the “myths” they believe we are perpetuating about AA. He took time out from his serenity and non-involvement in outside opinions, to ask this question, which is too lengthy and full of straw men to answer in a single post. It does, however, ask an important question about the constitutionality of forced AA attendance, so I thought that I would answer that part of it here it here, in the first of a multi-part series titled “Answering Cuda’s Long-ass Question”.

Ah, MA still misses us. I stayed away from your one-sided blog for 6 long months then started to contribute in your absence, until you started to lock my Team McGowdog members up and I heard you kicked us all off. I'd already stopped posting over there, but... I'll give you the gratitude of having "kicked me off of your site". But remember back to who contacted who first. If I'm not mistaken, you came over here as "shark sandwich" and as I thought, invited me back over... back in about December of 09.

tintop says :
First, cuda deserved the ban. Second, AA is religious in nature... piss moan... piss moan...

MA says:

Anyone with half a brain... piss moan... piss moan...

speedy0314 says :
ma, you realize, of course, that cuda’s foolproof, erudite response will be something along the lines of “is not!” it will also include a fair amount of personal insult ... piss moan... piss moan...

Ben Franklin says:
I am sure we will find a running commentary on McPuppie’s blog. He, even though banned from here has one of StinkinThinkins threads posted over there. He also has another blog called donewithaa. Man, I don’t know if someone has traded an obsession with alcohol with an obsession with Stinkin Thinkin. Hey Mc dog get a job you piker! Whats it been over 9 months now!

Thank you for your concern, Ben. I've been doing some odd jobs, telecommuting, report writing, etc. But I just got back from a big ESD flooring install in Virginia and helped to earn my fine company $34,000.00 (for just the install of the floor, not counting the demolition, the skim coat, and the wall base) So... there again, thank you for your attention and concern. It's a special type of flooring for a company that makes devices for our US Government that's gonna take care of those pesky land mines in the Middle East. "Before you take the first step". It detects them before human contact, marks it via GPS and blows it up if need be. Our flooring enables them the reliability to do it right.

While I'm at it, I'll show y'all some install pics. Enjoy;

Hard to trowel with this, but the pain in my knees took the attention off of it for a while

So it's good to see you whinny bitches are still interested in our shit. Keep up the good work of eating, breathing, pissing, moaning, and manpon stuffing your hatred for A.A.

McGowdog, at your service.

Oh! Speaking of service, I've done a bit of landscaping too;

Sod cutters are hell, even with gloves on.


  1. Don't know what brings you by, but welcome and thanks for stopping in.

  2. "Ben Franklin says:
    He, even though banned from here has one of StinkinThinkins threads posted over there. He also has another blog called donewithaa".

    I was trying not to say anything. That's the blog you posted this on.
    Seems that a lot of dope smoking is still OK

  3. I didn't think anybody even knew about it. I kind of created the blog by accident one night. I kept linking to it when I tried going over to "donewithAA" and it kept saying "start your own blog", so it was just a mistaken typo on my own URL that inspired me sort of creating a ghost site for this one. I may use it as a practice blog to tweak this one here.

    I do post ST's threads from time to time and other supposed recovery sites as well because... well I guess I sort of owe that to MA. But since I keep getting kicked off of certain blogs/forums, I need a home base to stick my thoughts/experiences.

    They're so flattered that we waste any time on them. Meanwhile, after days of days of drinking each others' slobber and gaking in each others' hair, they notice us because we are the medium for their existence. They need to remember who they hate, and why.

    They are interesting folks at very least in that they seem to live in some parallel universe where A. of A. makes the front page news as the bane of society. They disect spiritual prinicples when they should be trying them on once in a while... for themselves. They try to ridicule the process than Bill and Bob hammered out from the beginning of this program we speak of today and try to pontificate on what might work better, when the fact is, until Bill came to Bob with the problem... having already been living in the solution, nothing was bound to happen.

    They have a different way of viewing certain phenomena. For example, A.A.'s fellowship once bolstered a world-wide following of some 2 million people. Now there's less. The way I see that is an inflated fellowship, besides the mere impossibility of counting the thing anyway, by nature of the programs own traditions. Well I see it as A.A. loading up with perhaps a bunch of non-alkies. A.A. is plenty big enough in my home town... I tell you that right now. And there's always room for growth. But growth is slow, regardless of how they get here. I'm gonna make a wild guess and say there's about 1000 sober drunks in A.A. in the Pueblo area. The town is about 100,000, so that's 1% of the drunks. Let's estimate that there's 10,000 drunks/potential drunks in Pueblo, so there you go. Room for growth. Hell, there's even enough to go around; drunks who want to die drunk, drunks who want to get sober with other-than A.A. methods... like RR, LR, SMART, etc. Oh, and of course, drunks who just "choose" to not drink.

  4. I want to talk about two more things now;

    1) the practicality of all these "advancements in medical/physiological technology" as it relates to getting drunks sober

    2) The fate of A.A. due to outside scrutiny

    Answer to #1; In treatment, I once learned about THIQ, dopamines, endorphins, etc. We learned about the current addiction model and how a drug is a drug is a drug... etc. Does any of that "knowledge" keep me sober? Can it help me stop smoking cigarettes? Can it help with physical craving? The mental obsession?

    In my case, and I'd bet Bill's case, the answer is "No!" We have a plan... a set of instructions on how to get and stay sober, thankyouverymuch. Some may disagree, but that's what our group does with that A.A. book and those 12 steps. If you'd like to deny that I know what I'm talking about, that's fine. Meanwhile I'll be sober and free. If you're curious, swing by and speak your piece.

    #2) If you think you can punish/reform/ban A.A., have at it. We'll start this thing over from the ground up and it'll be back on its feet in no time. We've got enough shit going on within the fellowship to go around. If you want to help us address our problems, gr8 and thank you. We'll get right on finding a fix for this thing. Some of our lives depend on it and that statement may offend some of you. I don't give a shit because I can personally believe whatever I want to and to differentiate cultish threats/motivations as I see fit. To say that alcoholism is NOT dangerous physically, mentally, and behaviorally is naive at best.

    There's some A.A. meetings that aren't run the way I'd see fit, and some ridiculous and sometimes preposterous things happen in that hour, but it's still the best show in town for a buck or two.

  5. What are those stupid fucks talking about now ?

    I pretty much forgot all about them . Same old bull shit I see.

    What a bunch of clowns.

    AA is 'unconstitutional'....lol. Whatever. I'm pretty sure the courts can sort that out without those fat, pimple assed pot smokers over at st.

    Hey MA....'down with the sytem dude'.....roflmao.

  6. Did you see the Constitution questions on the other place.
    When you are a subject of the system your 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights get tossed out the window.
    ST has no regard for your loss of rights guaranteed by 2nd and 4th.
    By God make you go to AA and it's unconstitutional as hell.
    I think they just have a hard on for AA and couldn't give a rats ass about the Constitution. It's just a handy excuse.

    Another question MA can't or won't answer is why hasn't anyone come up with anything better than AA. After all, it's been 75 years. Surely something should be kicking AAs ass by now.
    Do you need a little more time?

  7. I think they just like to drink and type on the internet.

    BTW, isn't Patrick looking kind of beefy in those pics ? I'll have to make sure FTG gets ahold of them........

  8. To Rob and Jim... don't know if you'll see this, but I just wanted to commend you for going into the ghetto and just being yourselves... stating your experience with the A.A. program or maybe even dropping your thoughts on those who spend the time to bash the program. You guys are way cooler heads than me and are much more respected out there in cyberspace... whether for or against the program. But I see they were over-the-top rude to you and on the one hand, I'm sorry for you, but I'm also proud for you. That's what they have to offer. Fear. Anger. Regret. Resentment. Bitter and destructive criticism.

    They dog us for spending so much time defending our cause or putting up blogs like this, but they sure don't miss a beat. They even kicked me off their blog, but like to use me as an object of ridicule from time to time. Tells me I must be doing something right... be onto something good. If the world was all lollypops and blowjobs, things might be different.

    Well anyways, I just got back from a gr8 vacation up in Oregon and am also glad to be back home. If you get bored and want to check some of our pics, go to http://www.city-data.com/forum/14296100-post21.html and check out my last 5 entries. Those are a lot of my photo threads over the last 4 years or so.

    I got to a meeting in Portland. It was at an alano house. Nice York Street looking home near downtown. They had two meetings going on; a 1.5 hour speaker meeting and a 1 hour mens' closed meeting. I went to the mens' meeting because I didn't want to keep the wife waiting any longer than that and liked the idea of a closed meeting. I got to chair the meeting too! I chaired on the 11th step. Only one guy seemed to know fuckall about the 11th step, cept' for me of course. =) Seriously, though... mens' stag meetings creep me out. Why not go all the way and call it a mens white racist supremist meeting? But anywho. It's good to be back home.

  9. Thanks for the compliment, it was stupid of me for going over there, could I set myself up to get pissed off any more? At any rate, I owned it, made my amends which as you saw was well recieved, and have moved on. I sent MA a personal e-mail, it was never responded to, no big surprise, they will do what they do, and we'll do what they do, funny thing is, I agree with a lot of what they are saying, it's too bad their personal experience with AA is from a bunch of people who have no Idea what the solution or AA is. I still lurk on SR, can't post but I can read, thank God Keith is still there, one of the very few folks over there that knows anything. Glad to see you are still in the trenches, can't say I always agree with you approach but I sure respect your passion, you have not confused live and let live with Apathy, carry on..

  10. Thx Rob. I'm hoping to grow up one day... but just when I feel a bit of maturity, some snarky bastard comes nipping at my heels and I respond. In the spiritual realm, I guess I bring it on/lead with the chin sometimes.

    The logical assumption is to say "All of A.A.s problems are from within A.A." or "Our problems are of our own making." But, although it sounds nifty, I call bullshit. What's my current experience with it? I just got back from out of town and went to the local treatment center meeting. Bunch of folks with all types of recovery and sobriety and/or "clean" time... so I really like and care about these folks. But there's this alumni of folks who run the asylum...er treatment meeting and... it's beyond loose.

    They are so far out in left field with the traditions, recovery, what it is to do the steps, etc. Oh, and they are very loud, vocal, full of shit... and they bash traditional and fundamental A.A.

    Now... how in the fuck is that "our" problem? Like you say, this is the stuff where MA and the crowd and I would totally agree on what a clusterfuck that is.

    The chair person introduces himself as an addict/alcoholic and he makes the topic "What brought you here?" OK enough. But he shares between everybody elses share, effectively crosstalking them, and says, "You know you've made it in A.A. when you stick around long enough to get a nickname." What happens when you're a chronic slipper? Do you get "Chonic Slipper" or "bananna peel" as a nickname?

    Then you have the "Sober in Recovery" crowd. These are secular/rational recovery folks hijacking an A.A. meeting.

    You have the "Recovering" alcoholics.

    Before the meeting starts, you have the announcements... the everybody is welcome to our Memorial Day Campout at Lake Dewease... even alkies, addicts, spouses, children, MILs and FILs, etc... just no drinking allowd please...

    Then you have the military guy... who speaks his peace about how prevalent drinking is in the military and how they all drink every night and how it's so widely accepted and expected. Another can of worms. Are you an alcoholic because you're military? Is that not a situational drinker?

    Ah, it's a mess. Where to start? Do we just leave them be and take the blame at the same time?

    Now the poor newcomers at these treatment centers... they get branded as alcoholic/addicts... by guess who? The counsellors? Well maybe. But it doesn't matter. The alumni are the real perps.