Sunday, June 27, 2010

Secret of AA: After 75 Years, We Don’t Know How It Works


So there's an article in Wired here

Good to see some comments pro and con. It took me a couple of days to digest the whole thing. Reading the comments from some of our detractors, A.A. must have been shed in a slightly positive light. Some of the article was bunk, but they seemed to be fairly open about different sources in putting together a biography of A.A. from 35' to now. Some things I agree with pretty well and some things were just wrong, but the proAA comments addressed those errors pretty well.

The detractors spoke their piece as well. You know? The typical 5% blah blah blah religion blahblahblah cult blah blah blah 13th stepping screwing his secretary smoking bastard blahblahblah. LSD!


Like I said to some "ankle biter" on youtube,

What do you care about how much pussy Bill W. had? You're not his love-child are you? What do you care about his lungs and his bank account? What do you care about how much acid he dropped?

How about these stats? 1)How many times did he get drunk and wreck his motorcycle or car since his Towns experience? 2)How many black eyes did he give Lois while sober? 3)How many times did he burn a house down due to his smoking?

How many drunks did he help to not do the above ? What about Dr. Bob? Would we be having this conversation had Dr. Bob outlived Bill W? Did the two complement each other pretty well?

That was in response to this comment of his;

He 13th stepped more pussy than you or I've had hot dinners...Screwed 'em 2 X 2 since the Oxford Groups he did...Took more acid than the Grateful Dead ever did between 1958 and 1961...Chain smoked until his terminal breath in an iron lung...Left 10% of his Big Book royalties to his mistress...Demanded whiskey on his deathbed...I dunno if this guy had the answer to liberation from addiction and living an ethical life...What do you think...?
Hammersley1967 1 day ago

No exaggeration there btw. I'm sure he tripped 50 times a week and fucked more women than Wilt Chamberlin, Steve Garvey, and Magic Johnson (until he became Tragic Johnson) combined. Here's the difference between you and Lois; she didn't bitch till eternity about it!

They're starting to sound like fucking parrots to me. It's the same bullshit over and over and over again.

There's some fucked up shit going on in A.A. to be for sure. There's some real fucking hair-lips and han-han-hoey's in A.A. But if you ain't in it to put the bullshit aside, roll up your sleeves and help them out, step aside and shut your fucking holes!

You don't know how it fucking works! We do! Step aside son. We've got work to do and we're gonna do it.

Here, answer me this fucking question, anti/XA/AA Hater brainiacs; of those 95% who fail in A.A., how many of them are getting what they want? What percentage is that?

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