Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adage for the month Part 3

Don't bend over for a Christian. -Frank Zappa, interview with Larry King


  1. You will get a kick out of this story. It involves Frank Zappa. When I commissioned the gun truck "Uncle Meat" in Nam I named it after Zappa's niece. He used the moniker as a term of endearment for her and called her "Uncle Meat"
    I liked that because it represented a kind of
    underground drug/antiwar thingy that the brass would not catch onto.

  2. I know he hated the doings of Ronald Regan, Nixon, etc., but claimed to be a conservative.

    I'm confused by this. I suppose he was there to notice when these powerful politicians talked conservative but acted against our actual constitution. He was always way too smart for the media and any big industry.

  3. The term "Libertarian" would better suit him today. Then it wasn't in the political vernacular.

  4. Hey all - I'm nkow pawporri from SR. I'm CousinA over there.

    A line from another Zappa song... "Remember there is a big difference between kneeling down and bending over".

  5. Yeah I told my wife that Frank Zappa saying and she told me not to bring that language into our household again. Oops, busted. MrsGowdog isn't so loose about spiritual concepts as some of us I guess.

    Welcome to the blog Cousin A! You ever hear from KeithJ or Puddy? Tell Boleo and Mark I said Hi! I hope you don't get in trouble for stopping by here. The mods must have a bit of contempt for me. But in all seriousness, I never tried to go back there and try to post under an alias. I'm McGowdog wherever I go. Take me as I am or leave me.

    That Dee74 character used to PM me quite often before I got the boot and not a word from him since. Even Rusty Zipper used to drop me a line once in a while.

    There was a time when I was invited to dinner and a meeting by CarolD when I was doing work in the ATL. My flight was late getting in so I had to pass, but I had a good talk with her the next morning. She had bad macular degeneration like my mom does.

    About the onoy thing I think I did during my ban was defend the 12 step subforum from a constant attack from radical atheists and anti/XAers from the crevices of SR.

  6. I haven't been on SR that long and only know most people by name. I lurk more than often than not. Don't have the energy to have a conversation about what's the most beers I drank in one sitting or the worst thing I've ever done while drunk. I don't give a shit about the former and my 5th, 8th and 9th steps helped with the latter.

    BTW, I'm a militant agnostic - I stole that one from Jim Burwell, AKA Ed The Atheist in the 12&12 and the Vicious Cycle in the BB - and a non practicing Jew. My old sponsor Jim, said "so what". He was a smart guy that Jim.

    I'm short for time today - meeting my sponsor for breakfast and hearing a 5th Step this afternoon, so I have to run. But I'll be back. Looking forward to to getting to know y'alls.

  7. That is awesome, ain't it Dog. I am also blown away cause I am hearing a 5th. Step at 2pm today.

    Just goes to show ya, real AA is alive and well.

    Cousin A brings back memories for me. The first Zappa album, a beer and a joint were perfect for listening to Suzy Creamcheese. He revived her in his "Uncle Meat" album.