Thursday, July 18, 2013

So I'm the enemy of A.A.? Really? I'm the one breaking traditions? Huh.

Here's an example of the work put out by the folks who were the cause of me putting this blog up in the first place. They taught me everything I know about going into forums and and making a mockery of their postings... to follow after these 11 paragraphs;___________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm sorry about the dashes, but my editor sucks right now;_________________________________________________________________________________ I was once like you folks and just one poster over at Sober Recovery. I was never popular from the get-go. I was banned with another bunch of folks, namely Jimhere, RobB... who would appreciate it if Artsoul or some other mod would delete his profile and pic but SoberRecovery won't although against his adamant requests..., Ago... a hot-headed atheist who I didn't get along with but came to respect as someone who could show other atheists how to still use 12-Step recovery to get get over drinking... and a few others, some of whom were allowed back to SR.______________________________________________________________________________________________________ We were innocently posting along at SR like y'all are now, then these folks over at Stinkin' Thinkin'... aka Leaving A.A. ... started cutting and pasting our posts... the most Hardlined of us at SR. The folks within Sober Recovery... secular anti A.A. posters, and secular anti A.A. mods alike, got a kick out of it.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I tried to defend myself on Sober Recovery and got threatened to be banned for it. We in the 12-Step subforum were given a very tight leash inside and outside of the forum. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But guess what? Our United States Constitution is the highest law of the land. But, if the private entitiy which is SR, the Mulligan Group or whatever group they are, has their own rights. And you must follow them.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fair enough, right? But make no bones about it, you Sober Recovery A.A. purists are amongst your enemies there. Good luck with that. For example, just try and start a thread in the 12-Step subforum about "Censorship". Not only will your thread be locked down like a rogue prison ward, but you too can get banned... freed, and come join me here. Ha Ha. Imagine that?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I created my blog so I could battle it out with anti/XAers on my own turf. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Try and delete my posts and comments.___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want me to leave you alone, no problem. I'm a gentleman, really._______________________________________________________________________________________________ But in order for you to stay right and sick, I have to be wrong and you have to be right. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have a good day now._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Patrick_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Posting from Leaving A.A., formerly known as Stinkin' Thinkin' and in cahoots with Agent Orange aka Orange Papers... and imo a bunch of you sickos over at Sober Recovery... including the mods... don't believe me? Go research the exit of folks like Miscommunicat etc. and folks who voluntarily left Sober Recovery after "we" were banned from there...;___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________As seen on Leaving A.A._______________________________________________________________ AA is Deemed Highly Religious Already in 25 states. Know Your Rights! Attention DUI …___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Posted on July 17, 2013 by massive _________________________________________________________________ Join Massive and Bob Warner who sued the state and won back in 1996 for a 1 hour show on Religious meeetings….AA ….ICYPAA ….young people getting indoctrinated into AA so young. How can we stop this?________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who do we need to educate. Parents! Lawyers! Therapists! Teachers! PTA! Doctors! www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery____________________________________________________________________________________________ A.A.- How Alcoholics Anonymous Steals Your Soul: Indoctrinating America in 12 Easy Steps [Paperback]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mr. Robert Howard Warner (Author)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. suntime on July 17, 2013 at 7:06 PM said: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ The worst part of this whole AA sham is the teens and young men and women that are forced to go, imo. Massive how about contacting some teen right agencies/attorneys, letting them know everything your work has found. Then maybe parents, therapists, doctors won’t be so gung ho about sending their children there. Look at what is happening in the troubled teen industry. It is soooo disgusting. Lots of the ppl that work in those treatment centers are AA members. Check out the book, help at any cost I’m sickened….______________________________________________________________________________________________ Reply ↓ 2. AntiDenial on July 17, 2013 at 7:18 PM said: When?

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