Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anonymity via Tradition 12

What say you about Anonymity as the principle we use in A.A. with respect to using it in a spiritual way? Not just uttering the phrase "Principles before personalities", but to consider how God would use it and have us use it.

I believe God uses anonymity in His dealings with us so as to enable us to be autonomous in our lives and to prevent our heads from exploding. Example, in dealing with our enemies, we get the opportunity to either amend our behavior with them, to forgive them, to be forgiven from them, or even to just leave them alone and pray for them and watch a miracle overtake them.

When's the last time you prayed for an enemy or the last time you pulled an unselfish act on an enemy? If it was recently, then you can attest to the Power of God. If not, then you are a sick and sad sap and you ought to try it sometime.

I believe that God helps us fix things from our past when we are ready and let's us suffer (grow) when we are not.

Oh yeah, our detractors... aka anti/X-A.A.ers/radical atheists etc., would have you believe that A.A.ers use anonymity to duck responsibilities. H8ers. I say we should get together with them at some park sometime and have a BBQ and discuss it. I'll pick the time and the place. Any takers?

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  1. I would be glad to do my famous BBQ Ribs.

    The H8ers are the society imbeciles that think we are weak willed sots. Sounds like profiling to me, thought that is not supposed to happen anymore.

    Anyway, back to the 12th. Tradition. I think it is very important that any drunk that is getting on in sobriety start applying the 12 Traditions to their program coupled, of course, with the Steps. I do it and it sure enhances my sobriety far beyond what I thought possible. Its like a ride on that "Rocket to the 4th. Dimension."