Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To those at Sober Recovery that are new to cyber-recovery...

Thanks Mark. Some folks think I'm a stalker and have venom. I guess I can work on that._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But in the meantime, I like how Mark put it;________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hmmmmmm I always kinda enjoyed Patrick's irreverence for MOTR AA. And he is as hardcore AA as anyone I have ever had cyber dialog with. And I think he was very helpful to me early on. I think, I hope, Patrick will choose to just leave you alone. You don't get where he is coming from and if he is making you a special project of his on his blog, that is certainly not going to help you "get it". He won't hurt veritas, unless you let him... The whole clusterf*#%^ that happened a few years ago was regrettable and changed SR in a very real way. Let it go... It is in the past... One day at a time, remember?

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