Monday, January 18, 2010

A Joe Cool offer

Yo fellow members of this most excellent blog. I have on hand the entire set of "Joe and Charlie" discussions on Cds. If anyone wants a copy, send me your email address and I'd be happy to send them on. Just be aware that this is a ten to twelve CD set and sending it will require about 34 separate emails. My address is jdris@cox.net.

On another note: This is McGowdog here just letting you know we have a sense of humor about this recovery avocation...

Anybody seen this youtube vid?

Assaholics Anonymous



  1. Count me in! You've got my mcgowdog account, right?

    Question about Joe and Charlie; Weren't there two Joes? I think I like the original Joe better. Wasn't he a black dude? Charlie... he talked too much. But they did an amazing job of describing the physical craving and the mental obsession.

    One of my mentors was Frank McKibbon. Let me know if I can shoot you his talk.

  2. "This is McGowdog here just letting you know we have a sense of humor about this recovery avocation"

    We're not a "Glum Lot"? My cyber experience says otherwise.
    It's nice to know I don't have to walk around with a stick up my ass telling everyone I'm going to die if I don't take this 100% serious.

  3. Nice song. I especially love the part where they show a medical doctor donating his time to sick people and sing that he's an asshole.

    I also love the part where they say fear sells and them compare Bill Wilson to Hitler.

    Do you think the anit-AA's understand the basic concept of looking at your own resentments and finding your own character defects ??

    And they threw ol' dubya in for good measure.

    Because.......he would ever do anything for anyone besides himself ???

    Oh well. I do like that song.

    Too bad the anti-AA's don't have any creative talent or they could have made a video that was funny on it's own merit and not just because it shows the viewer what kind of dick weed compiled it.

  4. I think it's high time we wrote a song about dick weeds.

    So do me a favor. Give Bugworth a big smooch for me. Has she changed her avatar or something?

    I know she wants me, but tell her I'm happily married. Who wants a copy of her latest love letter to me?

  5. Rumor has it she's banned also.

    Domestic violence 'cyber style'.

    It would end in tragedy, but think of the great sex in the mean time.......

    She's a 'martial artist' too. Flexible and angry. I like that combination.

  6. You know... that might just be a very fair cancellation. She was about as much antiAA as I am proAA... the A.A. that we know anywho.

  7. You certainly didn't do anything to warrant a lifetime ban.

    At least the anti-AA's just kick us off for no reason. To try and justify it was stupid. And then to come over and 'moderate' my post on the social group. It's just bullshit.

  8. Oh, btw. I'm banned too.....lol !!!

    No pm, no e-mail nothing.

    This is actually funny. I'm starting to formulate my next blog for this site......

  9. Oh man! I'm sorry about that. You should have never hung around the likes of me.

    If you do the next post, can it involve some Cuckoo's nest vids?


  10. Sure.

    I have to think on it for a bit.

    I think they swiped our ip addresses when we got that warning a few weeks ago.

    Which means they're running an unethical site anyway. They shouldn't be breeching our computers security.

    Crazy loons is about right.

    Too much time on the web, not enough time in meetings I'd say.

  11. Yes Tony I am flexible...angry not so much.
    McGowdog...thanks for the hug.

  12. So, do we call you Madeline, or Bugsworth?

  13. Call me what ever you like McGow. You sure do catch on quick don't you? LOL

  14. Now we can also call you antiAAer with some numbers following.