Saturday, February 20, 2010

Judge not lest ye be judged........


Okay, in an effort to combat some of the anti-AA rhetoric and talking points, I've decided that I need go no further than the source. That is, Mr Secret Agent Orange. Orange is the mentor of hundreds of angry and discontented alcoholics (or at least heavy drinkers or at least retired folk and government workers with alot of time on their hands).

Mr Orange portrays himself as a sort of Robin Hood. A real 'man of the people', sacrificing his retirement to help rid the world of the evil empire that is AA. He would have us believe that he is the voice of truth and reason in a world full of deceit and madness. Much like the Fox News narrative, Mr Orange creates his own world wherein we are all damned (by the seething mass of evil that is AA) and only he can lead us to the light. Is Mr Orange our Messiah or is here merely the Pie-eyed piper, come to lead us out of the bar and into the river ?

Well, let's start by giving him an easy test. Mr Orange is an everyman's man and, as such, he's been kind enough to warn his flock of all the nasty propaganda and debating techniques that will be used against them. Mr Orange would never use them, because he only tells the truth. Right ?

Well.............that's not really clear.

It seems that Mr Orange puts a little slogan right on his home page. "This site is best viewed with a brain".

What does this tell us about Mr Orange and the rest of his site ?

Using Mr Oranges circular linking technique, we can reference his own site and see if any nasty little propaganda tricks are at work :

Hifalutin' Denunciations : Implying that you're smart if you agree with Mr Orange is pretty damned 'Hifalutin'.

Claim to Have Special or Secret Knowledge : Yes. Special 'smart' knowledge that only Mr Orange has. He devotes his entire site to it and all you need to see things his way is 'a brain'.

Humor and Ridicule : It's humorous because everyone has a brain and it's ridicule because only the 'smart' people will agree with Mr Orange.

Simplistic Slogans : ie. 'This site is best viewed with a brain'. Short, sharp, simple. A thought stopping cliche if ever there was one.

Double-talk : What does it really mean that you need a 'brain' ? It means, of course, that if you disagree with Mr Orange, you don't have a brain.....double talk.

Stroking Ploys : You understand Mr Orange because you're smart !!!!

Delegitimize One's Opponent : Only stupid people wouldn't agree with Mr Orange, after all, they don't have a brain.

False Dichotomy : The dichotomy here is the 'smart' people and the 'dumb' people. The 'smart' people agree with Mr Orange. Is that a true dichotomy....?

Non Sequitur : No, of course it isn't. Hence the talk of a 'brain' implying 'smarts' is a non sequitur. AA is what it is, if you are an Einstien or a Democratic Fucking Retard. No difference. The viwer's 'brain' has no bearing on the arguments presented.

As you can see, Mr Agent Orange wastes no time showing us that, in addition to giving us a piss poor site from an academic perspective, he's also a hypocrite.


  1. Here's some entertaining reading. I post a link over at the other place.


    I can't decide who I'd rather go toe to toe with, Orange or Speedy

    I guess if I wanted to get insulted and ridiculed I would go with Speedy. If I insulted him back I would get accused of an
    "Ad Hominem" attack.
    If he said Bill had bad breath I would say that he used listerine. Then I would be accused of building a strawman by the biggest strawman builder of them all.

    Of course if I was to take on Orange I would be so confused watching him reference himself in circles until I was convinced I was part of the reincarnated Hitler Youth because I'm a direct descendant of Buchman. Keep in mind that Hitler didn't drink either which adds more fuel to the fire.
    Interesting how our cult dates back to The Third Reich.
    All I can say is Orange must have got ahold of some pretty good shit back in the day.

    Orange get real. When you said you ate window pane I had no idea it was the paint chips you picked off the sill as a child.
    If you had only been born after lead had been removed things wouldn't be the way they are for you.
    Sorry about your luck

  2. Oh yeah, the whole 'facsist' thing.

    I have to do a little more research but Orange skips a few minor details about Frank Buchman. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize 3 times, I think it was. He was insturmental in post war efforts in Germany and France AND the Nazi party became so suspicious of him and the OG/MA that they left Germany. They were hardly part of the Nazi movement.

    Also, Orange posts pictures of the moonies, the Manson family, Jim Jones etc. in his article about AA being a cult. Now, is it just me or did I miss the mass AA suicides and murders ?

    The scary thing isn't that Orange is either still smoking pot (for medical reasons, of course) or is still living in flash backs from his woodstock days. That's typical enough. The scary thing is how all these internet retards see him as a hero and go to him for their anti-AA ideas.

    And how ironic....his site is best viewed 'with a brain'. It's a shame more of his viewers don't have one. lol.

  3. Nice post Tony. Karl, window pane! I can just see Orange "taking" window pane while staying home from school with the flu and watching Romper Room back in the day.

    Come to think of it, I think I tripped a few times watching the end of Romper Room too... that psychedelic ending as I heard the milfy lady call out my name!

    So... speedy. We know how he goes;

    speedy0314, on November 19th, 2009 at 1:17 am Said:

    glad to hear about your salvation. and that’s really the last i want to hear about it.
    this is obviously not a site you should frequent, nor is it a site you will be permitted to comment on if you insist on filling valuable web-space up with tired, empty, completely unverifiable step bullshit.
    stay clean, stay sober, and stay away from this site. whether you’re attending meetings or not, visiting this site is neither good for your ’sobriety’ nor is it anything original or compelling for most of the people who frequent the blog.
    keep your head in the clouds … but keep walking.

    speedy0314, on November 19th, 2009 at 5:59 am Said:

    yes cuda, your comment was deleted.

    yes cuda, your comments will continue to be deleted.

    yes cuda, you can complain all you want about ‘cowardice’ & ‘censorship’ & whatever bullshit word is buzzing around that hollow head of yours’ all you want. but your days of self-righteously crapping in the sandbox here are done.

    go start your own blog. i’ll be sure to ignore it.



    Have either of you guys ever talked with Orange... aka Terry before? What kind of guy is he away from his site? What has he done lately?

    I see Stinkin' Thinkin' making mention of MM and trying to pin Audrey Kishline with A.A. ... now that's a laugh. She's about as anti A.A. as Stanton Peele, who actually backed her and went backpeddaling as fast as he could once he found out she blew a 0.26 while moderation managing her booze and killing a man and his daughter.

    Oh, I see M.A. admiring my brilliant Haiku:

    Stinkin’ Thinkin' is stupid website…
    Middle finger up, mind that finger bitches
    Save some drama forya Mommas!

    Wow! How’s that?”

    - McGowdog,

  4. They claim that Kishline was attending AA meetings when she hit her jackpot. Therefore, in the mind of any anti-AA fuckwad, it was AA's fault.

    Whatever. She's one in a million. Drunks get in cars and kill people all the time.

    The anti-AA's don't know that because they aren't alcoholics and they don't understand what alcohol abuse is all about.

    Some of the anti-AA's sexual issues are amusing though.

  5. I cornered Speedy when I got deleted. I specifically asked what alternative he had to offer and held his feet to the fire until he produced something of value that would actually help an alcoholic.
    Seem we know the answer by his response.
    He has nothing of value that will help an alcoholic.
    Maybe he's looking to join Tony in the Dunce Room.
    If you end up at Orange you'll see no significant additions to his website. He must have shot his load. He does answer letters. I see that the letters are dated as late as 12/09.
    It's a pretty entertaining read.

  6. Yeah Tony... but when we take off our antiAA goggles and see the world in reality-land, then one realizes that driving drunk does not an alky you make, right? Any stupid frat boy can get hammered-up and drive and crash... and not be an alcoholic, right? Oh... he'll get sent to A.A. for sure.

    But the fact remains, Kishline had her own "program", one that Stanton Peele endorsed way back when.

    So... when an African butterfly farts, A.A. is gonna blamed, right?

    Good job with Speedy, Karl. I expected no less from him/her/it.

  7. Hey Dawg, check us out :

    " Both groups do nothing about the McGowdogs and Tony Js of the world who run both groups, and both turn a blind eye their instabilities and delusions. "


    He thinks we run AA. What a fucktard !!!

  8. Yes and no. Yes, he's a fucktard!

    No. We don't run A.A.

    But A.A. does run M.A.