Saturday, February 13, 2010

So why does Tony J. get all the Street Cred?

So... why does Tony J. get all the Street Cred?

What gives? He's responsible for the Dunce Room.

He's also responsible for the Serenity Corner.

Should we be jealous, or impressed?

It's gonna be ok Tone Tone. You'll be able to leave your room before dinner.


  1. Yeah, baby !!

    Tony 1
    MA 0

    Despite repeated attempts to engage the anti-AA (aka sick fucks) in some kind of dialouge, all I got was cryptic one liners, condescending comments on my education, intelligence and spelling ability, and general high school level harassment.

    Now, do I consider that a problem ?

    Hell no !! Here in Jersey we consider that fun.

    If you won't engage me in debate and want to talk smack, then I'm game.

    But it seems that the anti-AA babys take things a bit seriously. So when they insult me they aren't just talking smack, they're actually telling me that I'm not qualified to disagree with them.

    When I try to use a little logic what happens ?
    They shut me down.

    And you know what's funny ?
    Despite my poor spelling ability (I was being abused by my drunken father and then acting out myself when MA and his cohorts where memorizing Rober Frost poems), poor typing skills and middle aged blindness, I actually have an IQ of between 125 and 130.

    I'm not the smartest guy in any given room by a long shot, but I have fairly good logic and reasoning skills and alot of life experience to guide me. So when some fake intellectuals try to pose on me, I naturally laugh.

    Anyway, I've seen the anti-AA movement for what it is. A bunch of non-alcoholics who are fixated on real alcoholics. Maybe they're jealous ? Don't know. But whatever they are, they aren't a threat, unless you count death by boredom.

  2. Their stupid, pompous, and juvenile posts that they are churning out now are a testament that they don't know what to do with us.

    They don't know whether to wind their watch, spit, or swallow.

    They spit out some very debating technique and accuse us of it and in exact sentence, do exactly what they accuse us of. They run the exact same playbook as Agent Orange and they deny it vehemently.

    I think we've had our fun there for a while? What do you guys say? Should we zip up our zippers and cut off their air supply?

    I need to delve back into those traditions/concpets that I've started a while back with Jim. Danny's blog has that BB study now that's sort of fun.

    I almost want to give S-T a break and start going after Orange Paper BS. It would seem to be going after the root of the tree than a few of its branches.

    Good job with M.A., FTG, Mike etc. Tony. You really got under M.A.s skin quickly.

  3. Dawg, I couldn't agree more.

    As you pointed out before, that site has zero content.

    Their whole method of creative concept is to wait for someone to say something and then disagree with them.

    Let them pull that off with each other for a while. In fact, let them pull each other off for a while.

    We can start looking at things from the orange site and address them here if you want. That would be productive, although not as much fun.

    We have a few things already that we can clean up and maybe move over to kuda's forum too.

    Pop me an email when you get a chance.

    And I agree with you about getting into the steps and traditions. Focusing on the anti-aa set isn't going to bring alot of spiritual growth. lol !!

  4. It's like the KKK parading in Cincinatti. If people would just ignore them they'd go away.

    After spending time at Oranges site I've found a plethora of items that are lies, misquotes and references to himself.

    Dude!! You can't reference yourself.

    Of course at Orange, there is very little substance. Most is just his warped view of the world.
    History research is impeccable. I'll take my hat off to him for that.
    However, I am not a member of the American Nazi Party because I'm in AA because Bill Wilson was a Co Founder who left OG run by Buchman who admired Hitler.
    Of course I could see someone making the connection depending on how many psychedelics they consumed in the 70s
    And it looks like Orange consumed a lot of them.