Friday, October 29, 2010

Anonymous from "A.A. is a Cult?" Mentalhelp blog

Anonymous says, "Hey speaking of blogs, Who is Bugsworth? Boy she sure lit you up over your 5th step"

She lit me up over my 5th Step?  Well I guess she wouldn't be a very good sponsor. 

You're not supposed to share your 5th Step with those that are holier than thou... greater than... above.

If you godless folks and anti/XAers are better than a sober/wet drunk, much less one that's giving A.A. a go, then fine.  You win.  You are better than us.

That being the case, I guess you've got nothing for me.  I certainly have got nothing for you and that's fine too.


  1. McGow..You just can't help talking out of both sides of your mouth can you? My comments to you, which you deleted, were mild in nature compared to the crap you post daily. I have always believed that you do more harm to the program of aa than any anti-aaer could possibly do simply by opening your mouth. You prove over and over again how sick the people in meetings really are. Your "sobriety", which I question, is an example of what not to aspire to...You are full of resentment and anger. I would think that after the years you have spent practicing the principles of aa you would be much further along in your "recovery" than you are. I hope for your sake that one day you will get out of your dry drunk, it appears to be a daily struggle for you and it seems that your sanity is on the line.
    As a side note...I hope the "god" that you have turned your will and life over too has a lot of extra time on his hands cause you seem like a full time job.

  2. Thank you Madeline. You're probably right.

    The trick is to find a sponsor who is as bad and more blunt than I am. It's easy to do, believe it or not.

    I am sober though. You can doubt that if you want. I've been separated from booze, so there is that.

    As far as the crap I post daily, that's your opinion. Over at Stinkin' Thinkin', you've got folks wallowing in a squalor of negativity and one-sided lampooning of the A.A. fellowship at large.

    I've actually settled down a lot from what I was almost 7 years ago. Folks in my group and other groups have told me so as well. I have a wife and parents who tell me the same. My cats love me. This is all I really need. Everything after that is icing on the cake.

    On Dr D's blog at Mentalhelp, "A.A. is a Cult?", the anti/XAer dorks over there keep trying to get me and Tony J kicked out. Dr. D said that it takes a lot of hard work to develop a community like I have and that it can be helpful.

    So, if my "crap" that I post daily is so upsetting to you, so offensive, I'm gonna go Mike Tyson on you and tell you to "change your station". But you can't do that, narcissistic as you are. I have no clue who you are or what motivates you. Like I said in this thread here, we've got nothing for you and you've got nothing for us. In the proper context, we could have worked together at SR. I told you that. I'd be willing to send the nonAAers and the secular folks your way so you could maybe help them with your other approach. But you're too busy sticking your nose up my ass.

    I gotta go to work now. Have a nice Saturday.

  3. McGow...funny that you would mention Mike Tyson...quoting words from a man who bites his competitors rather than fighting them on equal ground is exactly what I expect from you. Your posts don’t upset me at all..quite the opposite, I find them humorous and a true testament to the efficacy of aa.
    As far as you being separated from booze I will have to take your word for it. Some of your ramblings, especially the ones that border on vile, seem to indicate otherwise.
    I am confused as to your relationship with your sponsor as you stated in the past that you don’t believe in sponsorship. No need to explain, I also think sponsorship is ridiculous...especially when people such as yourself can carry the title.
    I’m happy that your cats love you..maybe you should try to be as good of a person that they think you are. As for your parents...if you were one you would understand the concept of unconditional love. In regards to your wife I can’t comment because we all know love is blind. I do however have much sympathy for her and think she must be one hell of a woman to have stuck around so long.
    To address the SR situation..working with you was impossible..you were and still are so brainwashed that you can not see the reality that stares you boldly in the face. Sobriety has nothing to do with God.
    Glad to know you have some work..you know what they say about idle hands.

  4. Thanks Madeline.

    We like being told we are brainwashed and part of a cult. We sometimes forget that there's some better way of doing things than what we are doing. And keep piling on the snarky insults too. This enables us to see how superior you are and it validates your argument so well.

    Well I'm back to work in a couple of hours and will find out if I have tomorrow off or not. If not, I'll ask my wife to tie me down to the bed or something.

  5. You are welcome McGow.

    I'm not sure who you are referring to when you say "we" and "us". My comment was directed at you.
    Hopefully if you have the day off your afternoon will not be as flaccid as your latest comment. When all else fails throw in a sexual innuendo, that should impress the boys.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a stag meeting here.

    Also, some of us that are getting some on a regular basis don't just think about sex all the time.

    "We" that take the spiritual approach to recovery disagree with your assertion that sobriety has nothing to do with God.

    You're right about my reluctance to go rooting around with the "sponsor/sponsee" dynamic on my back. If you really paid attention to my posts, you'd see that I believe in sponsorship. I also believe in becoming sponsor free. A sponsor takes you through a set of steps quickly and once done, you're free. Then that guy has spiritual consent to be blunt and call you on your shit when you step into it. But I have a sponsor that would deny being one. I'm sponsor free, but go to him to 5th step and consider him a fellow warrior on the path.

    Happy Halloween.