Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tony J says, "You are a pimple on the ass of progress"

... and McGowdog wags his tail.

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  1. Tony J:

    Little Benny Pitches a Fit - Tony J - Oct 22nd 2010

    BF :

    "Remember, these self-appointed group-level authorities hold power only if the rank-and-file allow them to take it and good people remain silent. I personally have absolutely no problem publicly calling out anyone in AA who is violating the basic principles of human decency. I will even physically intervene if necessary. Predators are bullies, and guess what happens to most bullies when you confront them?- they back down like the littlle cowards they really are."

    LOL !!

    First of all most predators aren't bullies. That would be counter productive.

    Second, just because a person is a bully doesn't mean they won't kick your ass.

    That fact that you don't know these two items makes me doubt you've ever stood up to anyone or even been in the room when someone else has.

    Good work on that one, Tony. This is the bitch slapping that I was talking about and why you got kicked off of Stinkin' Thinkin'. That's a Stinkin' Thinkin' minion you're bitch-slapping there and you just shove their own bitch-fested douchy and whinny rants back in their own face with the logic they so worship.

    You're right. Predators are sneaky and manipulative and they fit in and groom, they don't bully. Not out in the open anyway.

    Here's my problem with bullies; kick them in the balls and be done with them. But if you don't stand up to a bully, they'll come back for more. You don't have to play their game and it usually takes two to tango.

    I also agree that A.A. is not any worse than any other social gathering... certainly not considering the clientelle. I'd think a bunch of drunks is not where I'd go to form a glee club... that's just me.