Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I'm not the problem, then there's no solution

Just 5th stepped and came home and 6 and 7'ed it and started my 8th.

It was  only about 15 pages this year, but was gutwrenching nonetheless and I'm glad to be free of it.

Now I've got some amends to go make. 


  1. Here's a nosy question.What kind of stuff are you making amends for?

  2. Madeline, you got shit-canned like the rest of us. You're no better and you're not even welcome here.

    Take a hike.

    Rob, next time you want to ask me a question of that caliber, email me.

    I'm not putting something out there like that to have it rubbed in my face. That's not what it's about.

  3. Madeline, aka bugsworth, take a hike. Go. You're not welcome here for even a second.

    I've disabled the comments for now and if you want to comment here you have to be a member of this blog.

    Rob B and Jim, you're welcome to become authors here. I've offered it in the past and I extend the offer again.

    Many lurk and few comment. Maybe you guys can change that. Maybe it's fine the way it is.

    But for someone to take my admissions and trash them like that shows me all I need to know about you. You have no idea what brought those words to the surface... the resentments of which brought them about.

    What you don't see is all the stuff they did to me. We don't do that here. You're seeing my side of the street.

    Madeline. You're not my sponsor.

    Here's my amend to you; leave me be and I'll leave you be. I'm not going to react to your baiting of me anymore. I've said some nasty things to other folks, specifically anti/XAers on line. I'm going to amend that as well. I'm going to leave them alone.

    I ask you now to leave me alone. You're not welcome here. It's obvious we have nothing for you.

    Karl? Anybody heard from Karl lately?

  4. Looks like I missed something.

    I've learned the hard way as well about this internet drama shit.

    Hope Karl is OK. I haven't heard from a lot of people lately.

  5. Ok, looks like I'm up and running. I am using my old avatar. The one SR Mods decided to ban because it was upsetting.

  6. Oh right. Last time I saw you, you were having a friend for dinner.

  7. Jim, you just missed that troll named Madeline. When is she going to get the hint? She doesn't want what we offer, she has nothing to offer us, she has no accountability that I'm aware of... I'm more than willing to leave her alone... now if she'd just follow suit.

    She can go get her own blog or go post at Stinkin' Thinkin'. As far as I'm concerned, she's not welcome here.

  8. I went to a meeting last night that was loosely disguised as an AA meeting, I e-mailed Jim about it but would like to hear some discussion on the Anda's of the world and if there is anything we can do to reclaim this fellowship or is it to far gone? It disturbs me to think the real deal will have to find an underground group in order to find people who can help him recover.