Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ben Franklin from Stinkin' Thinkin' says of Smacked from Sober Recovery

Ben Franklin says, " She can’t drink with my d… in her mouth"

Now, this is a holier than thou piece that Stinkin' Thinkin' is running to bash Sober Recovery's treatment of sex abuse and 13th steppers called "What They Say". How ironic, I say. Tell us more about how y'all at Stinkin' Thinkin' would treat the pretty ladies, would ya?

Nice job Ben Frankin, but Smacked's tatoos would kick the living dog-shit out of a lilly-livered chicken fucker like you every day of the week.  Nice try though.

You are right though.  Smacked does look pretty cute based on her profile pic.  But she's taken and spoken for and from Denver, so ... in your wet dreams, pal.

Watching you Godless fucks bash the folks at SR that actually have accountability and have a forum and to judge them as being a bad example of recovery... in many forms btw, is ironic. 

And for FTG to go off about how they act when nobody is watching, that's ironic as well.  If any of you had any balls, you'd sign up at SR with your worthless user names that you so enjoy at ST... so we can all know who you are... in cyberspace, and say all this shit... make all these claims to their faces.

For one thing, the moderators there would eat you alive and spit you out.  Secondly, the posters over there would outclass you and outthink you and outpost you and outsober you and outwork you and outfuck you.  They would expose you for the worthless fucks you all are.

Have a nice day.


The OP to this tread in question: "True, I may have been a bit harsh describing her fellow attendees. However, this is small town. Meth and booze are rampant. Kills the boredom, I guess. Amongst other things. I was just using wife beaters as an example. Perhaps they have just had 2 or 3 dozen DUI's, but that is a whole other thread."

"I agree with your logic. She is an ex for a reason. I am in the 'getting over her" phase, but with help and sobriety for a period of time, I would consider rekindling our relationship."

Now, Ben Franklin's dream girl weighs in ... and keep in mind, she's non-AA recovered person... not anti/XAer, just a NON-AAer;

"Oh lordy..

So you want to fix her so you can hook back up with her? (that's a hypothetical, but I figured there was a "whats in it for me" to be had here).

I'm glad you're here.. and I hope you read, and really let these posts soak in.. there's a wealth of experience to be found on these boards.

If you're going to stay completely enmeshed in her recovery, and hope that she attends AA with "those people", you may consider dropping the judgement of the "types" of people that attend (just so yanno.. lots of us here on this board are addicts/alcoholics in recovery, and we are 'those' people that have worked a program, attended meetings, etc.. I mean really.. dozens of DUIs? Lame.), for a moment, and completely butting out of her recovery program and any thought of helping her. Tell her to report back on her progress in 6 months when she's recovered and healthy and happy. Or stay inappropriately codependent in the relationship and never find the fix in this you're looking for.

How is it you're going to assist her in getting help for her alcoholism? Since you're not a treatment provider, counselor, fellow alcoholic.. ? Why is it something you think you have any qualifications for doing? Has she convinced you she needs your help? (she doesn't) Has she told you she would do it for you, for the relationship, for a chance at the relationship? (she wont). Do you think if you went no-contact with her, and left her to her own proverbial devices that she would pursue recovery with her entire being? (if not, she's not ready).

Your call..you'll need this place. You'll need alanon. Then maybe you'll learn what your role in this would be in it's most helpful form (a non-role of sorts).

Stick around."
So, there ya go.  Stinkin' Thinkin' trying once again... to make a dollar outta 15 cents.


seeker says "we are all betting our lives on something, that we are right about something, all i hear from this blog is “they are wrong, they are wrong”, but what are you betting your life on, how do you help those in pain, actually help rather than swap platitudes for generalizations ……."

Ben Franklin says "Seeker WTF, who said you have to bet your life on anything. This is a muckraking blog. We muck rake here and in the process help people who are too smart for the program. Some people are in pain from employing pretzel logic to fit into some kind of contradictory,debasing full of shit 12 step bamboozle. I fucking hate AA and love that I fucking hate AA. It’s antiscience ,antithinking ,morally bankrupt existence and undeserved place in treatment of disorders makes me ill. This is progress. This is being right about something. Telling people they don’t have to believe in bullshit helps people in pain. They might even quit drinking. I did when I found out the truth."
Same old shit going on at Stinkin' Thinkin'.  Those dorks are stroking each others' egos and someone with an open mind comes in and says, "What the fuck are you losers doing in here besides bitching about A.A.?  Then they say, "waa!  Leave here!  We don't like you!  Leave us alone!  Waa!"


  1. That girl in the picture makes me feel all tingely below the belt, does that make me a bad example of AA ?

  2. Are you saying you wouldn't kick her out for eating crackers?

    Are you saying you WOULDN'T want to see her bump fuzzies with Nadia Bjorlin?

  3. Sorry for being a cut&paster here, but this one caught my eye;

    "JOHNNY CRASH ...NYC...EX AA says Hi Everybody …:) I feel sorry for poor sugar daddy he is in an awefull spot let me paint a picture from expierence …
    If his girlfriend has a vagina and goes to AA coed meetings she's going to get hit on by predetors of the sneekiest sort .. both male and female … because thats what they do …
    If she goes to a woman only meeting shes going to be fed koolaide how 1- she needs to NOT be in a relationship and keep the focus on herself she will be indoctrinated into a stepford type program that is going to paint men as villians
    2- she will be told that she is sick and is mentally ill and that she has a disease that makes her damaged and different
    3-She will be told that the PROGRAM comes first and formost over everything
    4- She will be coerced into fellowship her twisted cat lady sponsors with no men will tell her she doesnt need a man she needs them girls night will rule forever and ever
    5- She will be told to revirginize sex will become sinfull and selfish and bad
    6- She will gain 2 lbs a month the first miracle year from being forcefed coffiee and cookiees …
    I can go on and on with this but in the time I was in program evry person who I have ever seen come in who had a relationship lost that relationship … 100 percent over 20 plus years … most people who are still in meetings 20 years later are still single … serial daters or predetors … or serial monogamous they never go anywhere in the relationship dept 90 percent … they wind up living fantasy lives on face book taking 200 pictures of themselves
    I'm so glad i'm out of there I have a wonderful relationship now without them religious zealots … they are right up there with the Taliban
    Guess what if my relationship fails ill look again not hide for a year blaming myself and thinking that my other half will be "put there for me" I guess Bill W had a lot of putting …"

  4. No Tony, I think it makes you a normal heterosexual male. If it doesn't make you all tingley below the belt, then I'd be worried.

  5. Hey Jim.

    Dawg, nice cut and paste.

    I guess that guy isn't man enough to keep a woman happy and it's AA's fault ??


    I'm still in the same relationship I was in when I got sober as are plenty of people I know. (including you)

    What does an anti-AA mean when he says 100% ?

    Would that be 100% of the one person who felt sorry for him enough to talk to his socially inept ass ?

    As Mike used to say over at mental health "you can't make this stuff up".

  6. Johnny Crash says "I can go on and on with this but in the time I was in program evry person who I have ever seen come in who had a relationship lost that relationship … 100 percent ..."

    Yes, you could go on and on and on. I'm quite sure of that. In fact, you do that. Keep typing it up at ST and tell us what you learned from your tenure at A.A.

  7. More Johnny Crash!

    " serial daters or predetors … or serial monogamous they never go anywhere in the relationship dept 90 percent … they wind up living fantasy lives on face book taking 200 pictures of themselves"

    So if them fuckers aren't lonely for their rest of their worthless lives in A.A., they're in a fucking monogamous relationship, pussy whipped and don't have the wherewithall to go out and get some fucking strange!

    This Johnny Crash is like Dr. Fucking Ruth! This is gr8.

  8. UFO rocks. Saw them in OKC in '78 along with April Wine. Both were opening for Rush on their 2112 tour. I wish I could remember more of the show. A half-gallon of Southern Comfort might have something to do with that.

    BTW, hi Bugs. Just like old times, eh?

  9. Hey Guys,
    I'd stay and put my 2 cents into the ring but I've got to go Think the drink through.

    This was actual discussed and shared on in this morning's Big Book discussion meeting. If they were talking about how this was bullshit I could get with it. However, it was being shared as a very viable "tool" for recovery. I could scream............

    Unbelievable! should be called open to personal interpretation and opinion study. I pissed some people off and left feeling quite pleased with myself.Good to see the gang here.

  10. There's that guy who sells his recovery book for 19 dollars; "The Alcohol and Addiction Cure". Isn't he the guy who also has that 80,000 Malibu treatment center?

    But... if you want middle of the road, you don't even have to buy the book if most A.A. meetings are giving it away free of charge, right?

    You can't get drunk if you don't drink the first one. It's not the kaboose that kills you. You have to really want it. You have to want to be sober more than you want to drink. Just don't drink, no matter what.

  11. Hello Jim...it's been awhile. Hope you are well. Commenting here is not exactly like old times but some posts are too good to pass up.

  12. I am OK. It's been an eventful, up & down year for sure.

    About the old times thing: I was being facetious.