Friday, October 1, 2010

Sorry to those I've upset at SR

Well, that's what they did to me.

Sorry if I've upset you.  I was upset too.  That's exactly why I got upset and did this blog in the first place.

If what I say about you is untrue, sorry.  It's some stuff I've heard or stuff I've deducted over what I saw.  You maybe right.  It may be untrue about you.  So be it.  I'll leave you alone as you wish.  I'm not out to bother you.  I've got  my own life to live and it's hard enough.  Hope you do well from here on out and someday learn the value of listening to our critics just a bit from time to time.  At very least, they've motivated me to not take myself so seriously.  Nobody else does.  I, like you, am a child of God.  If you be an athiest, then my rank goes up from there.

Have a nice day and may you folks over at SR have the same happiness, peace and abundance as I would hope for myself.


  1. You should be sorry, you piece of garbage for what you did to me.

  2. You know what keep? I'm going to make the same suggestion to you that I made to another member of SR a while back. This member can;t stay sober either. A few months back, long after I was banned from SR, this person contacted me. I tried to help them get hooked up with sponsorship, but it didn't work out. I can't say that it was anyone's fault, it just didn't work out. So I suggested treatment just get them away from the booze for a while. They contacted me via FaceBook from treatment! And I imagine they logged on SR from treatment as well, using their mobile phone. You know what I suggested? Stay off the fucking internet and try getting some f2f help instead of letting the MOTR's at SR love you to death. I'll suggest the same to you.

    But I doubt you follow that suggestion. Your history proves that you are just a fucking flake and a drama queen attention whore. If you are a real alkie, go drink until you can't anymore. I'm tired of hearing about your bullshit and you fucking whining. Go fucking drink.

  3. I am sober. Who are you?

  4. If you are sober, I'm glad for that. If I may ask, for how long?

    Who I am is of really no consequence. If you try hard enough you can probably guess. I watched , and even bought into your drama on SR earlier this year. I tried to help you. Ago tried to help you. We got banned for it, because we were too harsh, or so they say. I did lurk on there a few weeks ago, maybe a little longer than that. I don't recall you being sober then. Something about some vodka.

    But like I said, if you are sober, that's a good thing. If so, why don't you go see if you can find some other woman who desperately wants to get sober but can't. Maybe you can help someone like that. God knows that there aren't enough women doing that in AA. Too busy being drama queens and sitting around talking about their "issues."

  5. Well Keep, it's a spiritual law that the sicker I am, the easier it is for me to trash you.

    I, like Jim wonder why the fascination with the internet if it isn't doing you any good with sobriety. And here's one I don't understand at all... drunk posting. Why waste a good drunk?

    Like I've been told in the past, "Victims don't get to be sober." The greatest statement of hope in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, "So our troubles, we think, are basically of our own making."

    If you're one of us, your troubles are of your own making. Though you usually don't think so.

    If I'm your problem, Keep... then you're truly fucked... because I have to change in order for you to get well.

    Take what energy you have left, take responsibility for your life, search deep within yourself, and decide if you're gonna do A.A. or not. If not, do something else. But if you're a real alcoholic, it's an all or nothing proposition. The laundry room, the half empty or half full box of wine ain't your problem, your husband not wanting you to waste money or booze ain't your problem, SR ain't your problem and I'm not your problem. You're the problem and you can do something about it.

    In my group, we don't celebrate days of sobriety. We only celebrate years. When your yearly birthday comes up, you get to chair a meeting... and it ain't about you. It's about your current experience in the step you are currently working. So until you get a year sober... we're not too impressed. Get that taken care of and we'll know that God is doing for you which you could not. And we'll know you're letting God help you. That is if you're real alky.

    Your friends at SR are worried about you. You evidently haven't posted there in a few days.

    Take care, go well.

  6. You two really have it out for me. Why would I post there so you two can spy on me. The recall of my life for your use is very strange.
    If this is the behavior you have arrived at after being sober, you both need help.

  7. You asked me to leave you alone and that is what I will do.


  8. Actually, getting booted from SR was a good thing for me.

    As for spying on people at SR, I can't access from home, as my IP address is permanently banned. Every once in a while I will take a peek from work, just to see what I'm not missing. I sure don't miss the constant drama, people who for whatever reason can't look another human being in they and have to whine from behind the monitor screen. If I want that stuff, I can just go to a local nooner here in town and experience in in real time.

    As for having it out for you keep, get over yourself. you are still playing the victim, every body is beating up on poor old KCB. Put my name in column one, why you think I bother you so much in column two, what areas of your poor little self that affects and the belief system behind the lie, and maybe you'll get free of guys like me owning you and you won't have a problem anymore. I certainly don't have a problem.

    If there is anything I do have a problem with, it is the drama queens who suck the life out of others just so they can get the attention they so desperately think they deserve. In fact you should be happy about this. You are getting attention. Actually you WERE getting my attention.

  9. SR is a VERY sick place to be. I'd rather be drinking or have a valium drip than have to cavort with the losers on that site. And I did. And I'm done. And I'll choose alcohol over those batshit crazy freaks. They can take their AA and shove it where the sun don't shine.