Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Book Thumper

So I guess I'm a Big Book thumper because I read it and did what it said.

So... I guess I'm also a car mechanic thumper, a culinary thumper, a City Worker thumper, a pizza maker thumper, a (fill in the blank) thumper.

Anytime you RTFM... that's translated to you civilians as Read The Fucking Manual... you're a thumper too! 

Oh, and anytime you read those directions, do what it says, and discuss your experience in it, you piss someone off.

Joe, the PT:  So, I cooked a pizza and it was good.

Bob, the MOTR pizza maker; Well I cooked the pizza and it sucked.  The cardboard was hard to chew and the plastic burned my tongue.  I'm gonna find another food.  Pizza sucks!  This whole program sucks!  You Goddamned pizza thumpers!

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