Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Study for finals... or finish 4th Step?

Here's my opinion; you get your nose to the grindstone in those books, you don't just sit around texting and watching T.V.

You really study like your life depended on it and get the grades. Then, back to that 4th Step which will be waiting for you.

If you screw up your studies, it may be a financial burden and/or long term regrets for you in the future.

If you're truly studying and doing your best to pass those tests, I'd say you're doing God's Will at this moment.

But... don't fuck around. If you're gonna study, study. There's time to balk on your 4th Step later.


  1. Or maybe if you don't wrote that inventory like your life depends on it you die of alcoholism. Or maybe just be another drunk with a degree.

  2. Better to have a bottle infront of me than a frontal labotomy.

    I ain't putting Recovered Alcoholic on my resume anytime soon.

    And you?

  3. Well there's not really a spot for Recovered Alcoholic on a resume, Jim.

  4. Yeah I know, so I've never actually included it on a resume. But if it comes up in an interview, I'm open about it.

  5. I started Grad school when I was 30 days sober (not a bright move on my part) fortunately it all worked out. In hindsight, I would get that 4th banged out before I focused on any external stuff. I've seen a current 4th step done over an 8 hour stretch. keep in mind this was a guys current inventory, the life crap that was fueled by self and contributing to spiritual malaise.

    As far as being a recovered drunk, I don't lead with that, but if it comes out, I don't duck the question. It amazes me how much ignorance is out there regarding AA amongst the general population. Course my thought is that we have brought this on ourselves but not adhering to our primary purpose and the traditions. Have a great Holiday Guys.

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you guys.

  7. Yeah, Merry Christmas to you guys.

    The post was in response to a poster who felt shame for missing some meetings as well as balking on a 4th Step.

    I'd claim bad sponsorship as much as faulting the new gal for taking too much time on the middle work.

    I did my last 4th Step in a month, but I had some real shit to deal with. Besides that, doing a 4th step really sucks balls. If you say otherwise, you're a liar.

    Oh, and happy new year!