Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's play MOTR Bingo, shall we?

I'd like to pick on SR's 12 Step thread for the moment.

Why?  Because I'm compassionate for the folks over there who are still trying to herd in the cats who are the anti/XAer wolves in sheeps clothing, that's why.

You get an X for each time you have one of Carol's "Big Book Quote, 24 Hours a Day, or Daily Reflections"clean up the toy box for the kiddies in Romper Room Posts, you get an X for each time you see a "Question: Let's bash A.A. today Thread", an X for a "Lord's Prayer in A.A." thread, an X for a "Skimping on my prayers" thread, an x for a "Your reason for your recovery" thread, and an "O" for a bonifide "A.A. topic type thread.

OK, ready?

X wins the square!  Ahhh shucks!!!!!!!!!!

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