Monday, December 6, 2010

Recovered? Recovering? In Recovery? Always recovering? Disease?

I'm gonna tell you straight up,  I'm recovered.

You may be recovering.  That's fine with me.  You may even be "in recovery".  You might even cite you're 25 years of "recovering".

That's fine with me.  No skin off my back. 

Recovering is for people who don't want to do / don't need to do steps... also for people who hate A.A.

Here's a word you could throw into the mix; cured.  Now, I'm not cured.  I don't believe I could successfully go back to drinking and do it successfully.  Nor do I want to.  That's why I'm recovered.

Now, is alcoholism a disease for real alcoholics?  I believe not.  Alcoholics are fuck-ups.  That's a fact.  Getting recovered gives me a daily reprieve from being a fuck-up.  A.A. is for fuck-ups.

Wouldn't you like to be a reprieved fuck-up too?


People who say they are recovering... are not.    - R.I.P. Frank McKibbon


  1. Yep, call me recovered. Alcoholism is no longer an excuse for bad behavior. How much lower can the bar go if " I didn't drink today so I'm a winner" is actually true.

    I've had days that I didn't drink that I lied, was verbally rotten to people and been a general prick, am I a winner? NO, I'm a selfish self centered douche bag who clearly wasn't working with the disciplines of 10-11. Good post dog, Happy Holidays all.

  2. I was at a so-called "Big Book meeting one time and the topic was 10 & 11. Some said "when I skimp on 10 & 11, I pay the price." I said that when I skimp on 10 & 11, others pay the price.

    Another time when I was involved in general service, I showed up at the place where the district meeting was held. The DCM, who had the key was late, along with most of the rest of the people who were supposed to be there. Myself & one other GSR stood out there freezing our asses until people started rolling in about twenty minutes late. I asked why everyone was so late and the DCM said "Because we're alcoholics." I said "Bullshit! We were on time. Does that mean we're not alcoholic?"

  3. Thx Rob. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and/or Happy Festivus to all!

    Jim, I went to a Traditions Workshop at Happy Way that was lead by Don Pritts. He said, "If you're late, you're a thief of others' time." He said he made it a point to arrive a bit early... but not too early either.

    I've been arriving to work about 5 minutes early because it gives me time to get dressed and ready for work while also getting out of the locker room area in time to let others getting off duty to shower up and head for home. If I showed up earlier than that, I'd be in their way and take time from my family.

  4. Don used to say that there is only one time and that is on time. On time is ten minutes before or ten minutes after. Too early and you miss it. Too late and you miss it.