Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Lord's Prayer

They're discussing this "topic" over at SR and I finally decided to delve into it... aka read it, and it... the thread... met my expectations.

It was all I thought it could be.

Someone introducing an opinion on the tradition/custom of closing an A.A. meeting with the Lord's Prayer.  Edit: I'd go so far as to say it appears they are merely asking questions about it and others have opinions about it... but the whole topic is controversial in nature.  Is the whole custom not a violation of one of the 12 traditions?  Technically, yeah, possibly... if taken out of context.  So, it's a Christian prayer.  Big deal.  BFD.  Are Christian prayers a crime?  No.  Does the book not say "Be quick to see where religious people are right?  Make use of what they offer?"  Yes.  They're offering something and some like to whine and bitch.  That's what this is about.  You're not a Christian?  Fine.  I don't really give a fuck.  Do you?  Really?  I like to fart when I'm up a tree.  Do you care about that too?

BP added a piece that caught my eye.  This is sort of what I would have said... if given the chance;

Fox's chapter on The Lord's Prayer allows me to see and experience the prayer on a deeper level. Since then I have not been able to say the prayer at the end of the meeting without real concentration and contemplation on every word. By the way it ends with AMEN, not "keep coming back, it works if you work it". A greater consideration would be this.....instead of why do we use the Lord's Prayer, why do we defile such a prayer with some treatment center chant like " Keep Coming Back....blah blah blah".
Yeah!  Read the damned Fox's breakdown of it and at least see what you think.  If that doesn't have you really absorbing every word, then turn it loose and take two steps back and don't join the damned circle when they do the prayer.  Who gives a shit?

It's really about you, isn't it... Ananda?  I don't give a shit if you like the prayer or not.  Start an Athiests are Us meeting if you'd like.  Whistle Dixie through your left nostril during the prayer.  Fart the National Anthem if you'd like.  But get off of yourself.  And if you're gonna a take the trouble to go (sorry for spelling), whip out a new tab and google Group Conscience for Christ's Sake!

And BP!  No shit!  I hate the chanting at the end; "It works if you work it!"  So some of us added "...and it sucks if you don't, because you're worth it!"  Chanting sucks and is for losers.  You might as well say, "We don't need no whiskey sours, we got us a Higher Powerz!"

Oh yeah.  Lord's Prayer.  If you don't like it, form a group that doesn't use it and shut the fuck up about it.  Or start a wetoded thread about it.

Have a nice day.


  1. ...actually, Dog, that's kinda cute about the "we don't need no whiskey sours...."


    Just thought I'd pop in and see what you guys were up to over here -- freya

    .....and how in the world do you manage to get AC/DC and the Lord's Prayer in the same post???? I've got nuthin' against either of them, but the association of the 2????? Talk about cognitive dissonance!

  2. Hey Freya!

    Yeah, cognitive dissonance! Or something. I don't want to get so spyrichual that I can't listen to some good bangin' tunes.

    The whiskey sours I owe to a Sandra Bullock flick.

  3. "Cognitive Dissonance" Excellent topic for discussion. Isn't this really the inward search for "The truth"?

  4. Hey there, rkdian!

    Are you the guy on those Corona commercials? The guy who lives in a home near the beach on one side, the intercoastal on the other, has five palm trees, hums the tune "Oh Christmas Tree", then lights up one of the trees with Christmas Lights?

  5. ... and a Happy Festivus to everyone else!