Thursday, December 30, 2010

A diamond in the rough at Stinkin' Thinkin' named JD

This guy is stirring things up nicely at ST;

JD says,
sorry victims, try harder to get over it someday. spending so many years going after people staying sober in AA is only rational if you need a villian for staying sick. AA must be bad, has to be absolutely terrible in all respects for your fucked up lifes to make sense. eh, Gunther?

if it were not, and people were actually staying sober their lifetimes because they are willing to do what you refuse to do, well that would make you a total fool to insist on remaining a nut case, whining about the evil AAs. it must be just awful, and the people involved have to be scum, especially and particularly the ones with decades of comfortable sobriety.

keep up the babytalk victims, as if that might be a solution to your dispair. and stay the hell away from AA. makes me ill to read how uniformly are drawn repeatedly to meetings. if you insist on being injured by listening to your betters, then you get no pity for the self-inflicted injury. better for all concerned if you stay angry and sick somewhere else alone or fanning each other’s anger between drunks.

get a different hobby, or if you prefer to continue to stay the way you are, then I wish you a loooong lifetime.
... and

JD says

nah boys and girls, I did the deal you’re doing now in the ’70s. it got old and weary for me as it will for you.

you can only ignore your failures at staying sober for so long, eventually bits and pieces of reality seep through. does take longer if you’re staying nicely pilled up or loaded, but ultimately fails.

funny as hell whenever some anti slinks back into the rooms under some variety of heat.

see you bozos around.
... and

JD says

talk about some windy bullshit! you guys can’t get it said in less that 20 pages? here’s a bit of help condensing it…

‘We hate AAs for staying sober while we can’t seem to go long without puking on our shoes. We like to bitch and moan about AA constantly because it makes us feel better for being drunken losers. We feel AA is responsible for us puking our guts out several times a month. AAs are mean, because they don’t care how we feel or consider our ideas regarding what it takes to live sober at all worthwhile, probably because of the booze on our breath when we babble them out.’

that should about cover it. feel free to copy and paste that here about 20x a day, and cross your fingers that doing that keeps a drink out of your hands for more than 20 minutes. or in Gunthar’s sorry case keeps him from fighting with every 3rd person that crosses his path.

were you able to argue your way through the anger management class G, or did they boot your ass out for being a surly nutcase? my money’s on the latter
... then BF directed him to us with this;

Ben Franklin says Just Dumb,

Hey you started out with an ad hom,right back at ya! Why don’t you go play here:


or here:


These are more like your fellas. Hell Dick will even sell you some indulgences ( look it up yourself, it might take awhile because you don’t come across as very intelligent).

... and Mike... anybody remember him?  He wrote this which prompted some ST folks to harass one of my seldom posts over at mentalhelp here;
Mike says

…and if anyone reading this thinks we are engaging in a lot of hyperbole, check out this long running thread at http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=9527. There’s two nuts who post there named McGowDog and Tony J who are apt to make veiled physical threats after they are prodded into the intellectual corner. It’s kind of funny at times but also has an unsettling air to it.
I say seldom because I've not posted over at Mentalhelp's "Is A.A. a Cult" blog that our Tony J frequents... but two times in the last month or so.  But those anti/XAers sure did pounce on those two posts.

Anyway, life is great and I am busy with family and work.  I don't post much and meetings are seldom.  But when I do make it to that seldom meeting, I make the most of it.  I posted this in response to Gunthar's post to my previous post at Mentalhelp;

chart - Gunthar2000 - Dec 29th 2010

@McBlowDog... It amazes me that you could even try to argue against the obvious results of the triennial survey.

The title of the chart in question is... "% of those coming to AA within the first year that have remained the indicated number of months"

Let's take a second to break this down...

"% of those coming to AA within the first year"

This indicates that this chart only focuses on AA members with less than one year.

"that have remained the indicated number of months"

This indicates that the numbers on the chart represent the percentages of members who have REMAINED the indicated number of months.

The thing about charts like this is that they are specifically designed to present data in a way that is easily understood.

You would have us believe otherwise. According to your bullsh**t explaination us "normies" are just too stupid to understand what the brilliant scientist was trying to say.

I'm going to take a big leap here in assuming that the title ascribed to the chart is an attempt to communicate to us normies what the %ages actually mean, and not some abscure, derived, tangled mess of excuses like the nonsense that you are peddling.
Then my response to Gunthar2000, which hasn't posted yet;

McGowdog Says,

Gunthar, why do you insult my username? How does that solve anything here? My username is not blowdog or blowchunks or snowplow or snowdog. It was given to me as McGowdog by some co-workers years ago. It's like me calling you Gunsuck, or nozzlesuck or gunt-hair. Where does that get us?

You can interpret the charts any way you wish. Orange has his take on A.A. and I have another. How about Agent Green? He is a non-alcoholic who has taken time out to take a closer look at Agent Orange and all of his claims. He has done some research and spent lots and lots of time to find the negative aspects of A.A. to be for sure. But as Green points out, Orange credits A.A. for nothing, even by accident, and sets out to bash the whole fellowship to the ground. He finds some info and only reports that which supports his claims and ignores sources that would go contrary to it. This Agent Green has pointed out a few discrepancies, those of which I don't have the time nor desire to bring up here. I just got off of work and am a bit tired now.

But if what Orange and Stinkin' Thinkin' says about A.A. were all true, then I'm the bad guy. There are plenty of twisted and sick individuals out there harming people and some of them drink alcohol. Some of them do drugs. I was watching a program on cable TV the other night called "Jail". Most of these folks are sick individuals usually caught at their worst moments while in the midst of a good drunk or under the influence of some drug. But despite that, they are demonstrating some of the basic forms of human sickness... selfishness, fear, dishonesty, self pity, power, control, manipulation, and other deviant behavior. Some guys are just plain a-holes and out to push people around. Now Stinkin' Thinkin' takes a snapshot of these folks as their pathetic lives cross the path of A.A.

Wow! What do you guys want? A Nobel Peace Prize*? How about get a life? I see none of this garbage you claim in my A.A. meetings within my own town/state/nation. I have yet to see myself harming people in or out of A.A. meetings the way y'all accuse the likes of me of.

I'm coming up on 7 years sober, I'm happily married, happily employed... and I have a powerful message to the curious drunk. At meetings I go to, I see nothing of you anti-AA/X-AA folks. Nothing. Not even static. The only static I see from time to time is the MOTRs battling the hardlined step workers... here and there. But they are both getting some positive results from A.A.

I could pull back from A.A. now and say, "There is no God... no Magician in the sky... running my life for me, keeping me sober." I could say I'm sober because I decided sober and that's that. But A.A. is more than not drinking for me. You want to make fun of some "socially inept" folks who stick around for alcathons during Christmas and New Years. Good for you. Hope that builds you up from where you once stood. But there was a time when I got sober and my first wife left my sober ass. She and I signed our divorce papers on December 23rd. Two days later, I was at an all night Christmas Alcathon meeting in Littleton Colorado. We were on night watch and we took calls from drunks who wanted a meeting. We went and picked them up, brought them to the club and poured them coffee. It was a blast and I met a few new drunks. I forgot my woes for a few hours. Big deal, right? Who are you to judge that?

A.A. is here to stay and I'm glad to be a part of it.

*Edited for spelling


Ah, this just in... an anti/XAer with a lick of sense;

chronicallyable says

Good grief people! Do we wish to have a meaningfull discussion about A.A and possibly have some interesting discourse with people in the program or are we just going to be *ss***oles, which is what many people seem to be accusing a.a. members of being. I have read some exchanges with A.A poster’s, whose posts were rather innocuous, and certainly not offensive, only to see them be ripped a new one. I love the content on this site, but I find the hypocrosy on the part of some anti-a.a.er’s (and incidentally, I firmly belong in this camp!) a real turn off. If you are going to talk about the self-rightous attacks of some A.A defenders, where do you get off doing the same?

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