Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alcohol Recovery Standard Disclaimer

I do not speak for A.A., but only try to relate my most current experience to the work we do from the book Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition, of which I refer to often.

I'm not an expert of any sort and do not proclaim to have anything special, except that I'm sober and free of alcohol today and I take no mind altering drugs. That's a Miracle in itself.

I did not rationalize my way into recovery and if you have any problems with the terms alcohol, alcoholism, recovered, God, physical craving, craving, allergy, spiritual malady, not a religion, not a sect, not a denomimation, not a political affiliation, hard drinker, not cured, not a disease, not a cult, etc., then this blog is not for you.

I don't debate. It's a waste of time. I'm not going to change your mind and you're not going to change my mind.

If you like what I do, which is hard to see over the WWW btw, then try what I've done. If you don't, then don't. Pretty simple deal.

I try to be open-minded, truthful, helpful, and humorous. I'm not perfect at any of these goals by any means. I've even been known to learn something and been willing to consider something outside of my own knowledge and/or experience. But with which I speak, I have a bunch of experience in this stuff and something's working for me. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be wasting so much time with this and wouldn't be so passionate about it.

I am really trying to be helpful in all that I say and do. Sometimes my writing style doesn't come off that way. If you get offensive and attack me, I'll get offensive and attack you back... 10 fold. And that works for me. Agree with me, then tell me why. It does me good to know that something worked for you and how you did it. We like to repeat success. really, we do.


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    I removed a post of yours from the
    *** 12 Step *** Forum

    that was in violation of ** Rule 4.

    4. No Flaming: ...

    Your anger is getting out of hand when
    you attack other members type of AA program.

    Specifically...."head nodding drooling MOTR members" as you stated
    is insulting and will not be tolerated

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