Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Step 3; Made a Decision

Made a decision... = I am responsible!

So we all know from the book and the step scrolls on some of the walls at meetings that Step 3 is about making a decision.

Some like to further break it down into the fact that it's only a decision and is followed up by writing inventory as outlined by Step 4.

It consists of a prayer... with a warning at the end of it!

But what about this decision and what does it imply? Why should it be considered first and taken seriously? Why can it be so difficult?I believe that it's because the decision implies... that dreaded "R" word... Responsibility! But once taken, you're on your way to recovery and maturity.

I was given the awesome gift of responsibility the last time I came in from my last drunk. The group said, "It's up to you, bud. Either you're gonna do this stuff or you're not." I felt relieved of the truth in that statement. It was up to me. There wasn't any sponsor who was gonna have to put the bottle down for me. Nor was there a sponsor who was gonna do the steps for me.

In AA, we eat our own spiritual food.

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