Monday, June 8, 2009

Comment from Friendthegirl about me

Friendthegirl writes:
And regarding this quote of the week post, I just wanted to point out that it’s not the “God” part of the quote that’s at issue, but the inherent dishonesty in not being upfront with the newcomer about the “God” part. Yeah, all of us have Big Books, and we’ve all read the quote about holding God behind your back with one hand while you lure the new member through the door. We wonder how this jibes with an honest program.

I was talking with regards to qualifying the potential alcoholic, not baiting and switching them once they're in the door.

Remember me? Hard-core A.A.? Exclusive? I don't want to see non-Alkies in the meetings or the fellowship because, it wastes their time and confuses other alkies as to the need for the spiritual approach.

And yes, we do believe that there are suffering alcoholics in A.A. because they don't do steps, not because the program is at fault. It worked great 70 years ago and it works great right now... for those who are real alkies and those who do the deal.

Comment on my posts sometime, Friendthegirl. I'd gladly answer you over here. I'm not gonna go over there and give you free material for your agenda of bashing A.A. over there. You're gonna have to skim the pond scum from SR like you do...not necessarily you FTG, but the other authors for sure.

I do agree with you though, that A.A. is a mess and many should go elsewhere! But I disagree that A.A. is all bad and should disband.
It should be cleaned up.

M.A. also said some garbage about how I believe all who are sentenced to A.A. from the courts should have to go to A.A. That's BS! I was stating my own experience in getting sentenced to A.A. M.A. is a stupid manipulative dork who parades as someone with knowledge and superior judgement. Look where he's sucking his material from. Really creative!

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