Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Step 2: God

God. That's what it's about. If God=Religion for you, you're in the wrong blog. Because God or an experience with God is not Religion.

From my experience, Step 2 is where you go immediately after a Step 1 experience.

For the alcoholic, there's but one choice; God or booze.

We become very open about the idea of a God that's personal to us, One we can tap into and experience, once we come to terms with our experience and perhaps future with booze, and our willingness to "become willing" to consider our own conception of God.

The book tells us where our "conception" of God is... deep down within ourselves is the "fundamental idea of God".

AA does not corner the market on God. There are many paths. It is said that AA doesn't even corner the market to sobriety. But it's the most successful solution to recover drunks on the planet. It's not the only show in town. It's just the best show in town.

Some people go to church and perhaps get it there. Church is wonderful for some. In fact, the book says that you should stay active in any religious denominations that we are accustomed to or were attending. The religous view of AA is that it should not interfere with any prior or current affiliations whatsoever. AA does not exclude Christians, Muslems, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. AA is just not allied with any particular one. AA is for alcoholics who want to recover. The problem with religion for an alcoholic like me is the fact that... at the end of the day, when they stub their toe, they don't drink. I drink.

So no matter what, I stay plugged into AA. It's that simple for me.

Booze drives me to God. And it's not a fun trip.

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