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M.A. doggin a bunch of us over at SR over A.A.

Posted on June 7, 2009 by M A
Back in the 1500s... blah blah blah... Catholic Church...

as the good Baptists at Liberty University who recently declared one cannot be both a Christian and a Democrat, there is an argument amongst the AA faithful as to what makes up a “true alcoholic”, and like any religion, they point to their holy scriptures as blah blah blah...

OK, I had to throw this in from McGowdog. Not because it is relevant, but because it is so funny (I lub McGowdog):

Well I'm glad.

I remember being told by some bleeding deacon that I wasn’t real alky because I was there to get my papers signed. I got my one year chip and went back to find him to tell him I’d like to stick that chip somewhere to see if he could make it melt, but I couldn’t find him. But hey, that’s just me.”

If this is McGowdog after the steps removed his anger and resentments, I would hate to see the guy when he was an angry drunk.

Then M.A. finds a non-AAer from ** to slobber all over. She's probably friend the girl from Stinkin' Thinkin'.

Now *** explains why he is qualified to play God:
Well FriendtheGirl, I’m qualified because I’m properly armed with facts about myself, give me 5 minutes with a guy that’s wants to figure out his truth regarding booze and I will give him enough information to properly diagnose himself, I never tell anyone they are alcoholic, I let them decide.
As far as playing God goes, everyone does this to an extent, write some inventory and you’ll be amazed at what comes to consciousness.”

I’ve met a lot of old-timers who liked to play god, but I must admit this the first time I have seen someone explain why they did. Nice job, ***.

Next, McGowdog writes his funniest response yet:

Yeah, I am a funny bastard... fo sho.

Hey FriendtheGirl! Are you saying that A.A. is organized religion? It’s not. It’s for alcoholics. It’s very inclusive to alcoholics of different religious faiths, socio-economic backgrounds, creeds, races, cultures, age, sex, etc. But it’s not a religion. It accepts all… even agnostics and athiests, and does not require any commitment to any certain path. It lets you choose your own path to God and begs you to sweep aside prejudice, think honestly, and look deep within… Way too inclusive and loose to be considered a religion. The only reason why God is mentioned at all, is because without God, alcoholics perish. But, it’s not good to present that fact until the alcoholic sees the hopelessness of their condition in the 1st Step.”

OK, he explains how it isn’t a religion, and he uses the same nonsense we have all hear ad nauseum blah blah blah rant...

This is the line McDowdog wrote that really makes me chuckle:

“The only reason why God is mentioned at all, is because without God, alcoholics perish. But, it’s not good to present that fact until the alcoholic sees the hopelessness of their condition in the 1st Step.”

This is very true M.A. Most good alkies would rather keep drinking booze to the death than get preached to.

It is better not to present that fact until the alkie is in the door? Is this the program of brutal honesty I keep hearing about? I’m really not trying to pick on the Dog, but he makes it so fucking easy sometimes.

Really, M.A.? Why don't you move out of your mom's basement, go on a date, get a girl, marry, have a child, get a life? My ramblings on the internet couldn't be THAT exciting, could they? Unless of course, you have some sort of monetary investment in secular or alternative drug addictions and alcoholism recovery? Is that it?

This thread goes on and on, and is truly amazing at showing how scary the thinking of folks like ***, *** and McGowdog can be. As I write this, it is still active, and you should do yourself a favor and read through the thing. These are the deluded voices that make AA the cult that it is. They make the point about AA better than any post we could ever make on this blog.
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One Response

speedy0314, on June 7th, 2009 at 8:02 pm Said:
can you put some corn starch on my booty tonight?


  1. "This thread goes on and on, and is truly amazing at showing how scary the thinking of folks like ***, *** and McGowdog can be".

    Scary to who! Handing someone a phone list in a meeting and telling them to call if they ever feel like drinking is scary.

  2. If I ever felt like drinking, I was sort of long gone and the last guy I wanted to drink with would be some blowhard in A.A.

    I want there to be enough booze for me, myself, and I.

    Phone list! What a joke! Giving someone my phone number is almost like saying, "Here, now go disappear from the earth." They never ever ever call.

    I had a guy who'd call me once he was drunk and leave me funny messages. I finally decided to grow up and delete them. It was twisted of me to keep them as long as I did.

    This one guy I was "sponsoring" called me after he drank and I said, "Are you up for a meeting now?" He said, "No, I've got to vacuum the house and do laundry now."

    Yeah... then why did you call me again? To tell me you're not done drinking yet or to fire me as a sponsor? Thank you. Glad to be of service.

    Sorry, but that's my recent experience with phone numbers. A much better use of the phone list it to say, "Hey, we're going for coffee. Come join us here at this time if you can." or "Hey, Mentations at my house tonight at 7:00."

    Thanks for the true response, Karl. I've been getting a bunch of spam up to this one.

  3. Yeah, try something else. I think that Malibu Passage Rehab is good (http://www.passagesmalibu.com/?gclid=CPHhyJiL_54CFQmbnAodxyclIQ).

    The book is only $18.00 and the treatment costs about $80,000.00 or something. Must be worth it if it costs that much.

    As far as reading his 4th Step, thats a good idea. Here's an example of that;

    Column 1; Resentful at uberdog

    Column 2: the cause... he's a milk-fed momma's boy with no balls.

    Column 3: Self esteem... I am sober, Mr. A.A., a real man.

    Security... I need uberdog to grow up.

    Ambition... I want to give uberdog balls.

    Personal Relations... men defer to real men.

    Pocketbook... N/A

    So yeah, if you want to read someone else's inventory, I offer you this little smidgeon of advice; Once you read it, you're responsible. Good luck with that.

  4. That was in response to this;

    Barton, on December 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm Said:
    I’ve been researching AA alot lately. My husband is consumed by this cult. It is destroying our marriage and family. I’m experiencing the …forget them, we’re your family… line that AA is feeding him. What worries me most is that it was a Government approved rehab centre that introduced him to AA.

    I need to find something that will shock him into rational thinking and make him realise that he has no control of his life. Something that will make him realise that he needs “Rational Recovery” not “pray for guidance” which is what AA is feeding him.

    Any suggestions??

    H, on December 30th, 2009 at 7:57 pm Said:
    Have you tried talking to him about this?

    Uberdog, on December 30th, 2009 at 8:36 pm Said:
    Most people figure out AA is bullshit within the first 90 days, thus much importance is placed on 90 meetings in 90 days.
    It’s most effective on people who’s family or friends are substance abusers. Loneliness is a powerful motivator exploited in the rooms.
    Confrontational tactics are more likely to send the recruit back for more indoctrination as they attempt to aviod conflict.
    Do some homework . Call counseling services and find out who is not 12 step afilliated. Make an appointment for yourself and discuss your situation before going together. Ask questions of him in an inquisitive rather than accusing manner, lead him, rather than command him to the solution.
    Suggest doing things he likes to do on meeting nights and do them with him. Since he has chosen to abstain from drinking his social circle will change and he has much more time on his hands than before. Find new interesting people and activities to entertain the both of you.


    If all else fails ask him how his fourth step is going, when is he going to start it, why he hasn’t he finished it yet and why won’t he let you read it.

    Best of luck!

  5. H, on December 29th, 2009 at 5:35 pm Said:
    mcgowdog –

    go to hell or to a meeting, whichever is closer.


    I went to a meeting.

    The topic was "Wait for the Miracle".

    I was called on first to share.

    I said, "In my group, we say, 'Wait for the POP'."

    The chair person said, "Wait for the POP? What's that mean?"

    I said, "That's the sound you hear when you pull your head out of your ass."

    That went off like a fart in church.