Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So A.A. Bashers, if not A.A., then what?

I've heard you say that A.A. is a cult and the scourge of society and is dangerous and deadly to the earth. I get that you have a problem with it and that it's never ever going to get better.

Then what do you suggest? Nothing? Oh, well then great. If A.A. does disband, then you'll all really be screwed because this is what you'll have to say...



Right! Nothing! You offer nothing. No hope. No awareness. No intelligence. No spirit. You all are the Gingers of Recovery Soul.

Meanwhile, while y'all are bashing A.A., I'm gonna be firing off beauties of recovery experience like the following;

Stay tuned for a trip through the steps by The McGowdog.


  1. Ha Ha! Someone, a non-AntiAAer just flying-bitchslapped M.A., Speedy, ftg or friendthegirl, annazed, etc.

    "Thank you for your insightful and quite courteous post. Refreshing in the lack of ridicule and elitist condemnation that seems rampant on this blog. Certainly there may be better ways to treat addiction and alcoholism for some than just the 12 Steps. Unfortunately, the pundits here seem mostly content to use this forum as an opportunity to pummel what they disagree with into submission, as opposed to making any positive suggestions towards alternatives.

    When it comes to recovery, therapy and growth, what works for some may not be effective for others. The cause of addiction may have many factors including heredity, food allergies, stress and trauma, ADD and ADHD related issues, brain chemistry, a dysfunctional childhood environment, etc. Finding ONE answer to all this may not be a reasonable expectation. I say, if you find something that works for you- placebo, therapy, 12 steps, praying to your dog…, good on ya.

    The attrition rate of 12 step programs may be higher than some would like but in my mind, that is not a basis to reject them. How many aspiring people don’t graduate from Harvard or become space shuttle astronauts or millionaire bankers? The difficulty of a dogma is not a basis to denigrate it’s validity.

    I do know that there are may people working in the recovery movement, whether 12 steps or other, that will never be adequately financially compensated for volunteering their help and the good they accomplish. But that’s not why they do it in the first place.

  2. Then they went on to quote M.A. and his stupid Hitler-Cult idiotic claim that doing nothing is as effective as A.A.;

    "["One reason for starting this blog in the first place is because AA and AAs aren't interested in other ways of treating alcoholism, and trying to create that dialog becomes a dead end."]

    And apparently neither are you.

    What an ignorant blanket statement! HTF can anyone claim to divine what all AA and AAs are interested in? You have condemned those you claim are in or may join an unworkable program by your definition, to defeat. A such, this blog is not as much an attempt to enlighten as it is to lament, complain and wallow. Hardly a more appealing solution than the 12 steps.

    But hey, if the purveyors of this blog choose to use it to piss into the wind as opposed to being constructive or promoting something they feel is more effective, that is their choice.

    ["The success rate is the same as doing nothing at all. Faith healing simply does not work. Zero percent efficacy is reason enough to reject treatment for any condition, whether it is alcoholism or some other psychological or medical condition."]

    You assume that those who the 12 step program has helped would have improved without it. This is faulty thinking. Even if only 5% of a given group of people with cancer could be helped by a treatment, they and their families would be quite grateful. BTW faith, placebo and power of suggestion all work to some degree.

    Anyway, have fun marinating in the wankerism and reactionary negativity that is the admitted basis of this blog. I’m done here."

    I'm done there too.

    If you are in anyway pro-AA, he just throws out the "I don't argue anyone's religion, especially a cult religion like A.A."

    Why don't you just say, "I'm taking my ball, and I'm going home."

    What a fucking anti-AA Pussy! Fuck you, Nazi!