Saturday, February 12, 2011

Amends to Jim

I tried to organize all the great stuff Jim has added over the past two days into separate blogs but
sort of made a mess out of it. Patrick, however, has been good enough to try and make some order out of the chaos and has fixed the problem. Sorry Jim, thanks Dowg.


Edited by McGowdog; Good talking at ya earlier today Joe.


  1. No amends are necessary guys.

    I have all of this stuff saved either on Google Docs or on CD, so if any of you would like some or all of it, let me know and I can email it to you.

  2. Maybe if I actually knew how to blog, there wouldn't be a mess.

  3. Actually Joe, I like your attempt of the thing better than mine. I just threw them all into one place. What you were attempting to do is post each one individually. What I may do is organize yours into these categories... aka individual posts; the one with Chris S, Don Pritts, Back to Basics 1976, David T (have part 2 and 3, but not a Part 1), Bob Bacon (have a part 2 but not a part 1), Dennis, Like most statistics ( looks like more from Dennis S), NA Article parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, A.A.s singleness of purpose... all these in separate posts so we can comment respective to this plethora of posts.

    But as I say, I/we seem to be missing a part 1 to David T and a part 1 to Bob Bacon.

  4. Patrick, How about I email them to you and you can organize them the way you think is best. Remind me to do that tomorrow, I'm on my way to bed right now.

  5. Or another consideration, Patrick. Is there somehow we could break this thing down into subject areas as we talked about a little? Maybe such headings as The Big Book, Steps, Sponsorship, meetings, problems we see in AA, etc. Then we could put a tread or comment under a particular subject area, and it would be easier to follow by being able to look at all the previous entries. That way we could see arguments build for or against a position or observation.

    This could get a tad complicated, though, as it would involve a directory of sorts and more than one page for the blog.