Saturday, February 12, 2011

David T., Part Two:

What we do have is an answer for one very particular problem- alcoholism as defined in the
Bigbook of Alcoholics Anonymous. When I take a drink, I get a craving for another drink that
eliminates all control over how much I drink or what I do in the process. And most importantly,
knowledge of this fact will never keep me from taking the next drink. It is a progressive and fatal
malady that we have come to view as an illness involving an allergic, or abnormal, reaction to
alcohol coupled with a mental obsession for more of the same.

Our program began when one alcoholic, seeking to keep himself sober, sought out another
alcoholic with whom he shared his experience with this particular problem. Dr. Bob, who was
only going to listen for 15 minutes, spent over 6 hours because, as he said of Bill: “He was the
first living human with whom I had ever talked who knew what he was talking about in regard to
alcoholism from actual experience” Dr. Bob was then able to accept the solution because of his
assurance that Bill had overcome a problem common to his own.

So it was then and is still today. Our greatest asset as recovered alcoholics is our past.
Whether in a meeting, on the answering service, or one on one, we use our past experience
with alcohol to reach the still-suffering alcoholic. It is through our stories of alcoholism that we
help the alcoholic overcome his feelings of difference and isolation and accept the solution that
we have to offer. As an alcoholic, I had many defenses against those who would talk of my
drinking, but I had no defense against you when you spoke of your drinking. It was through
hearing these stories that denial fell away and hope was born for myself and countless others
like me.

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