Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Jim I: Back to Basics 1976

Are we, in the content of our AA meetings, getting away from basics?
Are we talking about our own recovery from alcoholism,
the Big Book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions?

(Bob Bacon - Delegate, Northeast Ohio)
(Excerpts from his talk)

My name is Bob Bacon. I am powerless over alcohol and very grateful to be alive and a part of this conference.

Are we, in the content of our A.A. meetings, getting away from A.A. basics? I believe we are. Alcoholics Anonymous is growing at a faster rate than at any time since the ‘40’s, and I suspect we were not ready for such growth. Have we gotten a little complacent and smug in our well-being? People today are coming to Alcoholics Anonymous in far better shape physically and mentally than most of us here did. We need to show them how we learned to stay sober. If our meetings consist mostly of drinking experiences, our ideas and opinions, we are not doing our jobs. Dr. Bob said our program when boiled down, is love and service.

We need to show all the newcomers that we love them as we were loved and we have a way of life we wish to share. If our meetings are nothing but drunk-a-logs and meaningless chatter, we are not showing them “How It Works”. In A.A. meetings, we reach out with love and told people, “These are the Steps we took” and “We had to go to any lengths”. Is that what the newcomer is hearing in our meetings tod


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