Thursday, February 24, 2011


There's nothing more I can say......


  1. ... nor would GOD be welcome amongst those radical atheists.

  2. Thanks for telling us all what God thinks.

  3. It's a fake poster. See the bottom right corner?

  4. Gunthar, Go do something exciting, like notify the networks a web site was hacked into. I'm sure they really give a shit about stuff like that.

  5. Hey Joe and McGowdog do you guys know Gunthar runs a radio show now on "S.T.O.P. Radio with G2K" (Listen to internet radio with Gunthar2000).

    Just go over to the Stinker Dinker site and catch up.

    Next show: Date / Time: 3/8/2011 8:00 PM

    Category: Self Help/ 13 Stepping Part II w/Massive Attack

    Call-in Number: (323) 657-1414

    They have a chat page that goes along with the show. This is on a separate blog then the ST blog. So they will have to tolerate discussion. You can also call in and talk with Gunthar.
    I say this calls for a (pun intended) a phone call maybe.

  6. Shit, don't tempt me. (Is that 8:00 EST?) I'd almost do it, but I refuse to stoop to that level. Intelligence is something that those people sorely lack. I don't waste my time getting into pissing contests with a bunch of intellectual lightweights. Remember the thing about not suffering fools...?

    I scanned that ST site the other day and the subject was something about the AA website getting hacked. Christ, it was like a watching an IM conversation among a bunch of little girls.

    "Tee Hee, (Giggle) I'm calling CNN! Tee Hee. I'm trying to call the LA TImes! Tee Hee."It's the end of AA! Tee Hee (Giggle, giggle)"

    Are these people fucking adults? I think the gene pool could use a little more chlorine.

  7. Well I would have to agree with you Joe. I did have some fun with them on the LA Times though. I have yet to call in because it just would not work for me. You can't have a sensible conversation with Gunthar.
    Anyway I will be getting off ST and there members and moving on to more important topics.