Saturday, February 12, 2011

NA Article Part four
structure, the quality of members' recovery, their sheer numbers—these things speak for themselves. Our members ought not embarrass us by adopting
a "we're better than them" posture. That can only be counterproductive.
As a fellowship, we must continue to strive to move forward by not stubbornly clinging to one
radical extreme or the other. Our members who have been unintentionally blurring the NA
message by using drug-specific language such as "sobriety," "alcoholic," "clean and sober,"
"dope fiend," etc., could help by identifying simply and clearly as addicts, and using the words
"clean," "clean time," and "recovery," which imply no particular substance. We all could help by
referring to only our own literature at meetings, thereby avoiding any implied endorsement or
affiliation. Our principles stand on their own. For the sake of our development as a fellowship
and the personal recovery of our members, our approach to the problem of addiction must shine
through clearly in what we say and do at meetings.
Our members who have used these arguments to rationalize an anti-AA stand, thereby alienating
many sorely needed stable members, would do well to re-evaluate and reconsider the effects of
that kind of behavior. Narcotics Anonymous is a spiritual fellowship. Love, tolerance, patience,
and cooperation are essential if we are to live our principles.
Let's devote our energies to our personal spiritual development through our own Twelve Steps.
Let's carry our own message clearly. There's a lot of work to be done, and we need each other if
we are to be effective. Let's move forward in a spirit of NA unity.
(Reprinted from Newsline Vol. 2, No. 6.)

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