Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A poster from Sober Recovery left this beauty and seems to have been given the boot at some point thereafter;

yogurt75 from Middletown NY;

Thank you


Having been thoroughly spanked by more than one moderator I have decided, after much thought, prayer and guidance to discontinue active participation in these forums.

The way of life I have chosen to live demands rigorous honesty. I believe that the use and abuse of substances is quite often inconsistent with the continuation of life. life shortening, destructive to emotional, spiritual and physical health and destroys families and those around us along with ourselves. I will not, just not to offend anyone or put a tiny band-aid on a gaping mortal wound. People's very lives are at stake and it would be totally dishonest to be dishonest and not true to myself.

Rather than be dishonest I would rather disengage from having my remarks censored or accused of being only interested in my self-importance. My primary purpose is to stay sober and to help others to achieve sobriety. I feel that helping others achieve sobriety does not include lying to them. To thine own self be true includes, at least for me, being rigorously honest with others. As it has been pointed out to me by moderators that these forums are for support and hope. Unfortunately, what is meant by support and hope are really euphemism's for lets not offend anyone or scare them away with the truth. I will not lie to myself or others in these forums or anywhere else.

Thank you all for some wonderful conversations and open dialogue. I will not abide by censorship. May God bless each and every one of you.


  1. For a second I though it was one of your old ones, Dowg. Then I noticed that there were no
    "mother-fucking, hair-lipped cock suckers" mentioned anywhere....We should track this dude down and see if he wants to join up.

    I just got my second "friendly caution" about perhaps being a little too insensitive. Always had a problem there, too.

  2. This guy is a friend of mine. However, when he was banned from SR, I promised not to reveal who he is.

  3. Well, you can ask him, Jim, without breaking his anonymity. He doesn't have to break cover. But make sure he's joining kindred souls here. Most of us have also been evicted for the same reason he quit. If he decides he doesn't want to join this elite group, we'll never know about it.

  4. I still haven't been shown the door. I guess I ain't trying hard enough. True fact is I haven't been one to waste keystrokes on those that simply want hugs and well wishes as of lately.

  5. So do the Wray boys have a chance against Yuma? You into that? 2A Colorado BBall?

  6. Joe,

    Last I heard, ____, was in ill health. He belonged to another online group that I was a member of on MSN Groups, which are now defunct.

    He is a noted A.A. historian. I got to know him online and then we met f2f at an archivist retreat that was held at Stepping Stones. I haven't heard from or seen anything of him in a while. I'll ask a mutual friend if he knows anything.

  7. Hey Cuda, There aren't many of us left over there. I took a year off for the exact same reason - too many hugs and smiley faces.

    "Awww. Don't feel bad about relapsing after only 2 days. I haven't made it that far in 5 years. But thanks to all the wonderful people here on SR, I feel a lot of love and support"

    And that type of shit will draw 30 warm fuzzy responses. They need to revamp their forums into "People who are fuckin' serious" and "Those who just want smiley faces". Shitcan the rest as no one ever uses any of it anyway.

    I figure that now I respond to one in 100, maybe. Mostly to call someone on their bullshit, but once in a while I see something that trips my trigger and I'll respond.

    I also keep a low profile by sending IMs if what I say will get me thrown out. That's never to blast the person I'm IMing, but to clarify or rebut something stupid someone else has said.
    I may also recommend a book or web site that SR Inc. doesn't endorse. They pull that shit, too.

    And Jim, It wouldn't hurt to see if the guy is interested. We need more folks here who will get some discussion going. Controversy is always good, but a lot of that comes from quoting ST or SR rather than something original to this blog.

    Some interesting stuff gets put out here, but very few guys comment about most of it. Either everyone totally agrees, they may think it's bullshit, or they find it interesting but in any case they aren't gonna take the time to say anything. To much work? Dunno.

  8. Joe,

    I think that my friend would fit in nicely here. He isn't afraid of controversy, as his post from SR shows. But I think that he would be mostly in agreement with us on most points.

    I look in here several times a week, but sometimes I don't post. One of the great things that came out of getting the boot from SR is that I am not doing a whole lot of online stuff.

  9. Post, man! Post! We need input! Data! Shit to discuss! Controversy! If nothing else, say something to set Patrick off on a rant! But yeah, the more the merrier. There's a lot of stuff we could be hashing out if more people took an interest in this place. Pass the word.

    I'm still on SR and am surprised they haven't booted me yet. Any day now, though. They have pulled 3 posts in the past 2 weeks, though. But that p[lace is pretty pathetic. Whine, whine, whine.